Metropolitan Pennant – the Season’s Best

by Clive Adams on May 2, 2024

We’ve taken a look through all the results for the 2023/24 season, right throughout the various competitions, and come up with the top five performers in each position in each of the competitions. Every position plays its part in a successful team, so here’s the chance to herald those players that had a fantastic season but often go unnoticed. We hope you enjoy…

Note: these rankings refer to games played in a specific position, so a player who has changed roles during the season may not have their full season result reflected here.

Stewart Gosstray takes the honours as the top skipper across the Saturday “Men’s” competition with a brilliant season – 15 wins and a mammoth 180 shots up – clearly playing lead in that rink was Paul Thomas who also enjoyed a very successful season. Richard Cox and Ian Davies played plenty of games together in Warwick’s 4 Blue team and did it well all season.

Looking across margins, just behind Gosstray and Thomas come Gavan Ebsworth and Graeme Winter from Merriwa AFA with a +179 margin each for the season.

Great to see such a wide ranging set of results across many divisions and clubs.

Mount Pleasant lead Cheryl Cocodis takes centre stage here, remarkably with 15 wins and +180 being the same record as Gosstray and Thomas above. Stephanie McBriar from Safety Bay locks in the best skippers record with a crucial draw, plus plenty of shots up keeping her clear of North Beach’s Debbie Casson.

Margaret Booth, a member of a very successful Mount Pleasant rink tops the list of seconds, whilst Peita Alberti, mother of teenage sensation Callum, shows the talent runs deep within the family. Eleana Manafis, winner of the recent Under 18’s Girls Singles features at number 5 on the list of leaders showing Eleana has a great future in front of her.

13 wins and a whopping 153 shots up sees Ruairi Kenyon top the skippers table for Thursday, although the shots up don’t end there with some big numbers on this chart. Yanchep’s Dave Hitchman 187 up for the season, with clubmate David Bird not far behind – we might assume these two played together in many games throughout the season.

Clint Dyer, one of the hard workers at the North Perth Bowling Club features at the top of the seconds’ table, while Wanneroo’s Harold Whitman sneaks in at the top of the thirds list. Sorrento’s Paul Ramsey completes the honours list as the most successful lead with 14 wins.

Lisa Featherby has enjoyed a remarkable season, so it comes as no surprise to see her atop the skippers’ chart for the Tuesday competition. Of course her teammates, Jenny Parker and Klaire Hughes, are right there in their positions too, with the mighty season of Cheryl Cocodis (and Jo Popzeleff) knocking Wendy Stower down the leaders’ list.

3rd Division Premier Yanchep had a massive year, and John O’Brien’s 260 margin shows it quite clearly, but with players in this list from as far north as Yanchep, and as far south as Safety Bay, it is certainly another impressive list.

Just the two divisions in Women’s Friday night competition, but the performance of Linda Klop grabbing 11 wins and finishing 143 shots up for the season is a standout. Marlene Robinson also enjoyed a great season with plenty of W’s, and it was Patricia Jennings that finished as the top skipper with 11 wins and 2 draws to show for the season.


A look across all the lists shows Cheryl Cocodis had an amazing year, finishing as the top placed lead in BOTH the Tuesday and Saturday Women’s competitions for a total of 30 wins and 392 shots up when playing as lead! An impressive season to say the least.

Next year, we will look to keep these stats up-to-date throughout the season, featuring them regularly on the Bowls WA website.

Congratulations to all our wonderful performers, and for those that do not appear here this season, something to strive for next year!