Metropolitan Forum Agenda

by Clive Adams on May 17, 2024

Bowls WA has forwarded the Metropolitan Forum Agenda to clubs. The forum itself will be held at the Morley Bowling Club on Monday 27th May 2024, commencing at 6.00pm.

Key topics to be discussed and debated include:

  • The findings of the Open Gender Club survey conducted over the past two months
  • Open Gender Pennant Competition Conditions of Play
  • Thursday Pennant early start time for lower divisions (a change proposed by Belmont City and Dalkeith-Nedlands)
  • Changes to the 1st Division Blue/White challenge process (proposed by Leeming)
  • Extreme Weather measurement (proposed by Leeming)
  • Alteration to the format of Thursday Pennant finals
  • The 2024-25 Bowls WA Calendar
  • AGM voting procedures

Clubs have been encouraged to canvass members and come to the forum ready for discussion in these areas. It should always be noted that these forums are not a decision making body, and are used for information and discussion.

The information that has been forwarded to clubs is available here in the links below. Should you have any individual thoughts in any of these areas, please direct them through your Club Management who can then formulate a Club position to bring to the forum.

Forum Agenda and Papers

Note that Bowls WA has prepared some additional information to aide the discussion on the Leeming proposal to change the way temperatures are measured on the day of play. This information clarifies the “accuracy” of the information provided on the BOM site/app.

BOM Site Analysis