Blitz is back and the Pirates take charge

by Clive Adams on July 4, 2024

As players vie for places in the WA State Teams, the first weekend of the Bowls Blitz was played last weekend and it was the Pirates that emerged on top for the day despite a stumble to the Chargers in the final round.

Here’s the makeup of the teams for day one:

Matthew MitchellBlake NairnAnthony WilliamsKristina Krstic
Warren HoltDenise KellyNeville StevensPaul Knight
Lexie WebsterMatthew NguiBrad WhiteJoel Leeson
Deb SaundersScott WalkerJenny ParkerAmanda Masters
Kyle McIlroyShane Giudice-NairnClive AdamsJack East
Paul DaviesCameron GreenLisa BrannanBill Brandsma
Lisa SmithRobyn O’BrienAndrew DraytonPeter Leeson
Lisa FeatherbyChris Ace-WatsonHailey PackerRussell Bates
Shari SollyDavid DowneyHelen StevensKaitlin Tyrrell
Cameron HarrisJenni McLaughlinBen LeggettMitch Biglin

Here’s the standings at the end of day one, with four rounds played:

RankTeam NameR1R2R3R4Total
2AFGRI CHARGERS53273966185


Note that the points system for the Blitz includes points for ends won, bonus points accrued and points for a rink win. Points shown for the team are the overall points scored for the match, whilst the rink results are the raw scorelines.

Round 1 – 1 x Fours, 1 x Triples

AFGRI Chargers 53 defeated The Professionals Stars 15
Mitchell, Holt, Webster, Saunders 16 def Krstic, Knight, J Leeson, Masters 9
McIlroy, Davies, Smith 15 def East, Brandsma, P Leeson 9
Featherby, Solly, Harris 10 def Bates, Tyrrell, Biglin 7

Liquor Traders Pirates 40 defeated Dyenamic Cyclones 28
Williams, N Stevens, White, Parker 18 def Nairn, Kelly, Ngui, Walker 3
Adams, Brannan, Drayton 5 def by Giudice-Nairn, Green, O’Brien 14
Packer, H Stevens, Leggett 16 def Ace-Watson, Downey, McLaughlin 8

Round 2 – 5 x pairs

Dyenamic Cyclones 70 defeated AFGRI Chargers 27
Downey, Ngui 6 def Holt, Saunders 3
Giudice-Nairn, Kelly 9 def by McIlroy, Webster 11
Nairn, McLaughlin 8 def Featherby, Davies 4
Walker, Ace-Watson 12 def Mitchell, Solly 6
Green, O’Brien 15 def Harris, Smith 7

Liquor Traders Pirates 71 defeated The Professionals Stars 37
H Stevens, Brannan 12 def by Knight, Tyrrell 13
Williams, Drayton 20 def Bates, P Leeson 9
Packer, Parker 12 def East, Masters 10
N Stevens, Leggett 13 def Brandsma, J Leeson 5
Adams, White 13 def Krstic, Biglin 11

Round 3 – 2 x Fours, 1 x Pairs

AFGRI Chargers 39 defeated The Professionals Stars 27
Mitchell, McIlroy, Webster, Smith 16 def Krstic, Bates, Tyrrell, P Leeson 15
Featherby, Holt, Davies, Saunders 7 def by East, Knight, Brandsma, Masters 8
Harris, Solly 9 def J Leeson, Biglin 7

Liquor Traders Pirates 45 defeated Dyenamic Cyclones 21
Williams, Adams, White, N Stevens 12 drew Downey, Walker, O’Brien, McLaughlin 12
Packer, H Stevens, Brannan, Parker 11 def Nairn, Ace-Watson, Ngui, Kelly 9
Leggett, Drayton 11 def Giudice-Nairn, Green 21

Round 4 – 1 x Singles, 1 x Pairs, 1 x Triples, 1 x Fours

Dyenamic Cyclones 65 defeated The Professionals Stars 41
Nairn, Giudice-Nairn, Kelly, McLaughlin 11 def East, Tyrrell, Bates, Biglin 7
Ace-Watson, Green, Ngui 16 def Krstic, Brandsma, Masters 14
Walker, O’Brien 11 def Knight, P Leeson 8
Downey 23 def J Leeson 13

AFGRI Chargers 66 defeated Liquor Traders Pirates 35
McIlroy, Solly, Harris, Smith 11 def Williams, Packer, Drayton, Parker 4
Holt, Webster, Saunders 14 def Adams, N Stevens, Brannan 4
Featherby, Davies 17 def White, H Stevens 7
Mitchell 14 def by Leggett 17

Day Two

The next round of the Blitz takes place at Forrestfield Bowling Club on Sunday 21st July.