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When placing your order please indicate by number required except if ordering coloured bowls stickers then indicate by colour and number required.

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Bowls WA Merchandise - Order Form
For players scoring an 8 in Bowls WA Events, State Events, Pennants, League and Zone Championships.
For players scoring an 8 in club events including gala days or carnivals
For players scoring 50 in Bowls WA Events, State Events, Pennants, League and Zone Championships
For players who have reached the age of 70 years or above
Features Bowls WA logo - present this as a token of appreciation to a fellow bowler or visitor to WA
Bowls WA branded scorecards 26 ends.
Bowls WA branded scorecards 26 ends
Current edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, required for Umpires
Officiating Manual for Umpires
Advisory Manual for Club Coaches with philosophies, principles and teaching methods required for coaching.
Accompaniment to the Club Coach Manual this handbook provides drills and activities to complement the coaching experience for participants.
Complements the Competition Module training course which includes preparing for competition, roles of the team and effective communication and game play.
Complements the Selection Module training course exploring topics around best practice methods and minimum standards for team selection.
Welcome Packs are ideal to present to new bowlers as a way of welcoming them into the sport. A Welcome Pack is an A4 Folder containing: Guidance for new bowlers booklet, Basic bowls brochure, Fit for bowls brochure, Barefoot bowling sticker, Back issue of Jack-Hi magazine as available.
Provides advanced bowling hints and tactics.
Provides guidance for new bowlers including the basics of the game.
Major sponsor of Metropolitan Pennants in WA. Blooms bowls stickers are compulsory for home teams.
Available colours are WHITE, GOLD, RED, TEAL, GREEN, MAROON, DARK GREEN, LIGHT BLUE, YELLOW, DARK BLUE, ORANGE and PINK. *Please Indicate required colours and number of rolls.
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