Greens & Infrastructure

The Greens & Infrastructure Committee is one of four operational committees of Bowls WA  and is responsible for the evaluation of club facilities and their greens throughout Western Australia.  

Greens & Infrastructure Charter

Greens & Infrastructure Committee 2021/22

  • Jim Powell (Chair)                      
  • Tony Greaves                  
  • Warren Carslake                               
  • Colin Cooke                        
  • Dicky Dawe                          
  • Kevin Lynch                         
  • Ron Mance           
  • Ivan Campbell               
  • Pieter Harris (Staff)


The Committee is responsible for: 

1. The inspection of greens prior to the pennant season to ensure their suitability for play, including the maintenance of a register noting the type of club playing surface. 

2. The provision of advice to the Fixtures & Events Committee through the inspection of all greens to be used for BWA events, prior to general notification of venues. 

3. Providing assistance to clubs in the assessment of their greens when requested to do so. 

4. Where required issue work notices to clubs where greens are deemed sub-standard for Bowls WA events and/or pennant play. 

5. At the time of the greens inspection the further inspection of club facilities to ensure they are a standard suitable for the potential hosting of Bowls WA events. Where facilities are deemed unsuitable, provide a report to the Fixtures & Events Committee for reference and CEO who will meet with the club to provide assistance where requested. 6. The continued development/review of BWA policies that relate to club facilities, including playing surfaces and where appropriate making recommendations to the Bowls Management Committee on issues relating to greens. 

7. Responding to all communications in a professional and timely manner. 

8. With the Chief Executive Officer, developing the annual budget for the committee. 

9. Liaising with other Bowls WA committees on overlapping issues. 

10. Forwarding minutes of its meetings to the designated staff member. 

11. Upholding the objects of and the Constitution of Bowls WA.