Volunteer Management

The Seven Cycles of Volunteer Management

  1. Recruitment – The process of identifying the tasks/roles and number of volunteers required, who does the task/job now and when will it finish.
  2. Place – The process of promoting the tasks to be completed, attracting volunteers to do the tasks, screening volunteer’s suitability to perform the task, selecting and appointing volunteers to roles.
  3. Induct – The process of welcoming volunteers to the organisation, informing volunteers of organisational policies and procedures, establishing preferred communication methods.
  4. Train – Educating volunteers on specific information for the role, and additional learning and development opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills.
  5. Supervise – The process of monitoring and providing feedback to the volunteer on performance in achieving the tasks.
  6. Recognise – The process of acknowledging a volunteer’s contribution.
  7. Replace – The process of fulfilling vacated positions and the importance of succession planning.