WA State Squad Announced – Slavich retires

by Aaron Delaporte

The Western Australian State Selection Panel have recently chosen the 2022 State Squads.

The Women’s Squad is made up of 15 players with last year’s team of 12 players all accepting their spots back into the squad while past team members Linda Warburton and Denise Kelly have been added.

Also coming into the squad is Perth & Tatts member Lisa Smith. Lisa has previously won a state fours and has been working hard in the Bowls WA Academy over the past six months under the coaching of Linda Warburton. Lisa is sure to put pressure on the more established stars in the squad.

The Men’s State Squad has also been selected with 16 players being named with two of last year’s team of 12 players choosing not to continue.

The heartbeat of many Western Australian campaigns, John Slavich has made the brave decision to not continue. Only Chevy can convey what playing for WA has meant to him.

“It’s been an awesome ride my and an honor to have represented Western Australia, but I have thought about this for a while, and I’m done. Thanks for everything and everyone who has helped me to be a better player and person. I may have not been the best player, but I always gave my best for WA”

While John will not be pushing for selection he has certainly not been lost to WA’s push for a National Title and has offered his services to play against the squad during the season.

The second player who will not be pushing for selection this year is Glenn Pauling. Glenn was selected in the team for the first-time last year but is unable to commit to selection this year. Glenn plans to spend a number of months visiting family and friends back in New Zealand while the selection process is taking place. We wish Glenn all the best and look forward to having him back in contention next season.

Recent WA State Singles Champion David Downey was approached but unfortunately due to limited availability at this time he was unable to take up a position.

Five players from last year’s squad have retained their position with Blake Butler, Jack East, Shane Knott, Shane Loftus and Scott Walker all pushing for selection. Also added to the squad for the first time is Doubleview’s Brad White. Brad has been playing Premier League for many years and has shown he is a natural sportsman with high level talent in other sports.

Squad members will come together for the first time on Sunday 27th February as they begin the campaign for the National Side Series in October.

Women’s State Squad

Chris Ace Watson             Mosman Park
Donna Blackwell               Melville
Lisa Brannan                     Melville
Lisa Featherby                  Mosman Park
Denise Kelly                      Mosman Park
Kristina Krstic                    Manning
Laura Merz                        Manning
Robyn O’Brien                   Manning
Hailey Packer                     Manning
Jenny Parker                      Mosman Park
Shari Solly                          North Beach
Lisa Smith                          Perth & Tatts
Kaitlin Tyrrell                      Osborne Park
Shaan Saunders                 Osborne Park
Linda Warburton              Mosman Park

Men’s State Squad

Clive Adams                       Cambridge
Russell Bates                      Doubleview
Bill Brandsma                    Kalamunda
Blake Butler                        Manning
Jack East                             Osborne Park
Cameron Harris                 Cambridge
Warren Holt                       Wagin
Shane Knott                       Manning
Shane Loftus                      Osborne Park
Dale Marsland                   Mosman Park
Blake Nairn                         Cambridge
Cody Packer                       Osborne Park
Dave Rankin                       Kardinya
Scott Walker                      South Perth
Brad White                         Doubleview
Anthony Williams             Doubleview