Club Meetings

Annual General Meeting

Almost as soon as a season starts Presidents and there committee’s should start preparing for their Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Many clubs don’t think about their AGM’s until after the season and that makes it so much harder and a lot more work organising it and engaging the club community.

It is a legal requirement for clubs to hold an AGM each year but an AGM should not be seen as a burden to clubs, on the contrary, they can be a very powerful way for clubs to communicate with members.

Information provided by Sports Community –Nine Tips on Running a Club AGM

Committee Meetings

Most people who have been on a Committee have sat through countless meetings wondering their importance. The link below contains some reasons why they are so important and how you can make them more effective. Meetings that waffle on, go around in circles and solve nothing, are the bane of all club committee members.  The link will help you to run successful meetings and start getting things done. For those who are inexperienced in chairing meetings you will also find some helpful hints.A

New committee members may find that attending a workshop, webinar or development course about Committee Meetings beneficial. 

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