Women’s Friday Pennants

The Women’s Friday Night Pennant competition had it’s origins nearly 10 years before the first official competition was played. Established for working women the Friday Night competition was played for many years in three groups of metropolitan clubs before the Western Australia Ladies Bowling Association took over and ran it along with the Ladies Saturday Competition. The Women’s Friday Night Competition has never really expanded significantly in numbers however is always played in great competitive spirits and is often a stepping stone for inexperienced players before they advance to the more serious Tuesday and Saturday Competitions.

Women’s Friday Night History

Year  Winner 
 2020/21 Bedford
 2019/20 Bedford
 2018/19 Bayswater
 2017/18 Willetton 2
 2016/17 Bedford
 2015/16 Kardinya
 2014/15 Bedford
 2013/14 Thornlie
 2012/13 Bayswater
 2011/12 Cockburn
 2010/11 Thornlie
 2009/10 Bedford
 2008/09 Morley 1
 2007/08 Willetton
 2006/07 Bayswater
 2005/06 Bayswater
 2004/05 Carlisle-Lathlain
 2003/04 Bayswater
 2002/03 Kardinya
 2001/02 Carlisle-Lathlain
 2000/01 Melville Purple