Club Boards and Committees

The Governance structure of a lawn bowls club will largely depend on its size and financial status. Common structures involve a Club Board or Executive/Management Committee, supported by a number of more operational committees. Collectively, it is the responsibility of these management committees to ensure the long-term viability and growth of their club.

Having people with a diverse range of experience, skills and backgrounds involved leads to more effective decision-making and helps to ensure your organisation understands and can cater for the needs of different groups from within your local community.

Below identifies the more common club committee’s, their objectives and their responsibilities. Any one club may have all or some of these governance arrangements in place. It is good practice to periodically review committee structures and membership against your club’s strategic plan to ensure they are enhancing and growing your club. More information on strategic planning can be found here.

Executive/Management Committee

The role of this committee is to manage the club on behalf of its members by:

  • Planning future directions
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Communicating  with members and responding to feedback
  • Developing and managing external relationships
  • Obtaining resources and ensuring that all financial and legal matters are properly managed
  • Ensuring that all members of the Committee act as leadership role models
  • Making decisions that are in the best interest of the club and not for individual gain.

The role, composition and operations of the Executive/Management Committee or Board is outlined in the Club’s Constitution. This role may vary depending on the size of the club e.g., – in larger clubs the role will be more strategic with other sub-committee’s looking after the general club operations, while smaller clubs are more likely to have a single committee whose members take on more operational level roles.

Finance Committee

The main role of a Finance Committee is to oversee the financial performance of the club including – audit, control and risk.
Depending on the size of the club, other roles and responsibilities may include banking, paying of accounts and expenses, financial reporting to executive and members, insurance, budgets, capital expenditure, risk management, payroll and sponsorship. A larger club may have a paid or volunteer office administrator who takes care of these things.

Here is an example from the – Doubleview Finance Committee Charter

Match Committee / Bowls Committee

The purpose of a Match or Bowls Committee is to oversee Bowls events and related activities in a way that promotes and grows participation. It is usually comprised of, the Club Captain and several appointed or elected committee members.

It is important a club sets out the duties and responsibilities of the Match/Bowls Committee members. This may be in a Club Constitution, or it may be a separate document endorsed by the Board or Management Committee.

To see an example of a Bowls Committee Charter – Doubleview Bowls Committee Charter

Facilities/Greens Committee

The Facilities and/or Greens committee oversees the preparation, maintenance and upkeep of the clubhouse, playing surfaces, general surrounds and other club facilities of the club. These committees can be run together or separately.

Common objectives are to:

  • Ensure the club and its surrounds present in a welcoming and friendly manner to members, guests and the local community. 
  • Ensure the playing surfaces and associated amenities are presented in the best possible manner in line with the strategic goals of the Club. 
  • Ensure all contracts entered into in relation to the maintenance of the Club facilities are reviewed as required and are in the best interests of the Club and in line with the clubs plans.

Here is an example of a Bowls Committee Charter – Doubleview House and Greens Committee Charter

Bar and Functions Committee

The Bar and Functions Committee oversees and supports the operational performance of the club services and amenities and to ensure alignment with the Club’s plans. 

The objectives of the Bar and Functions Committee may include; 

 – Overseeing the operational performance of the bar and function amenities and ensure the necessary requirements of the Club are met with respect to compliance and performance of these amenities. 

 – Promoting or developing opportunities to increase functions and events that encourage members, guests and the local community to use the club’s amenities.

Here is an example from the Doubleview Bowling Club – Bar and Functions Charter

Social Committee

The Social Committee arranges social functions for the benefit of members and their guests. The Social Committee will generally liaise with the clubs Bowls Committee and Bar Committee to ensure a positive member at all times during club activities. Typical roles include; settinga set a calendar of events each year, considering member feedback and experiences in planning and recruiting volunteers to assist in the running of social events.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee within a club provides a crucial role and is often the most contentious within a club. Clear and appropriate policies and procedures are important for guiding and protecting the interests of both players and selectors.

Here is an example from the Doubleview Bowling Club Selection Guidelines   

Clubs should encourage selection committee members who have a good understanding of the ability of players within their club, are well respected and provide good leadership and communication. To be successful in this role, an individual must be able to separate their own personal interests from that of the club’s, with the betterment of the club’s bowls performance the sole objective.

Bowls Australia have a Selection Module designed for club coaches, selectors and others who are keen to ensure their club has best practice selection standards. To read more about the Selection Module click here To see available selection module courses click here

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