Men’s State Triples

Triples is a relative newcomer with the first State Championships coming in 1968. After a 14 season break between 1991 and 2004 the Triples is back and cut throat as ever. Poor ends will often see big scores go the other way in this form of the game. Dennis Katunarich is the only man to win the event playing every position. He and Robbie Ball are also the only players to win back to back State Events 15 years apart.


2023-24A Williams N Jones M Kemp Composite
2022-23J Opie L SuchB MantonComposite
2021-22J SlavichL SuchJ OpieComposite
2020-21D TrewhellaW HoltT MitchellComposite
 2019-20Not Held (COVID-19)
 2018-19D BrownD TrewhellaS LoftusComposite
 2017-18S Walker G Pauling D Marsland Composite 
 2016-17J Opie D Patterson M Simpson Composite 
 2015-16M Mitchell M Ayres M Kemp Manning 
 2014-15G EvansS O’NeillI LilburneOsborne Park
 2013-14W NeilsonM RobinsonA ElmerComposite
 2012-13D BrownA ProvostK McKayComposite
 2011-12B BallD MilbourneD WoodComposite
 2010-11A ProvostD TrewhellaD BrownComposite
 2009-10G WishartS KnottD PattersonComposite
 2008-09T SmallacombeN PayneM BiglinComposite
 2007-08P HarrisC AdamsP PottsComposite
 2006-07S SrhoyM ZusmanJ RavlichCockburn
 2005-06D OpieJ RainoldiT SimpsonComposite
 2004-05R BallD KatunarichJ BausorDoubleview
 1991-2003No competition
 1989-90R BallJ RainoldiD KatunarichDoubleview
 1988-89R TaylorC BrimsonN FennerMandurah
 1987-88D MulcahyJ PryceA PryceVictoria Park
 1986-87M BacichC MooreR TrowCockburn
 1985-86D KatunarichJ RodinP LucevScarborough
 1984-85M BandyB NorthA Pages-OliveMandurah
 1983-84P SardelicJ RavlichM KrajancicCockburn
 1982-83L SlaterG ParkerJ KennedyVictoria Park
 1981-82P SardelicJ RavlichM KrajancicCockburn
 1980-81M BacichA McLeodD LaunderCockburn
 1979-80R Sexton C Lindsay D Ranger Scarborough 
 1978-79R Pride J Rothwell J Perryman South Perth 
 1977-78R Sexton C Lindsay J McDearmid Scarborough 
 1976-77S Srhoy T Srhoy J Srhoy Cockburn 
 1975-76A McLeod L Holloway S Novak Cockburn 
 1974-75F Perry G McIntyre P Proud Dalkeith 
 1973-74A McLeod L Holloway S Novak Cockburn 
 1972-73B Katunarich J Rodin J Rainoldi Osborne Park 
 1971-72A McLeod A Read G Royle Fremantle 
 1970-71N Crosbie R Payne T Moir South Perth 
 1960-70R Gray P Jones A Aitken Mt Lawley 
 1968-69H Smith R Tohoar A Hams Cottesloe 
 1968-99B Katunarich J Rodin J Rainoldi Osborne Park