Creating and running a successful event

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Most clubs rely on events as a revenue stream for the club – they can contribute to getting people at the club and can create a vibrant and healthy atmosphere for members.

What is an event?

An event is very simply a gathering of people for a purpose. 
For clubs, examples could include for the purpose of fundraising, celebrating, educating, competing or for social reasons. A club Annual General Meeting is a form of club event.

Events can be large or small and can include just members of your club, the local community or even people from around the world if your club chooses to fundraise online.

Events can be a great deal of work and for some, are quite challenging. There are certainly ways to minimise these challenges and share the responsibility among volunteers at your club. Many clubs find that each year the events become easier to run as volunteers learn the easiest and most efficient ways to do things. To read more click here

Why run an event?

Running an event can take a great deal of volunteer time and effort, so why are they common and popular for clubs?

There are so many benefits to running an event including them being effective fundraisers, great for building club culture and can create an ongoing annual tradition that your members and community look forward to each year. To read more click here

What does it take to run a successful event?

An Event Manager once said that “it may seem like you are headless chickens backstage – but as long as the audience doesn’t suspect anything is wrong – then you have done your job right!”

This is a great iceberg analogy as it demonstrates that what goes on underneath the surface is important, but people will only see the beauty of what it becomes and not the hard work before it.

Organising an event often requires a lot of planning and administrative work. And, whilst it is always anticipated that you and the event will be as organised as possible, you do need to be honest and realistic as well. To read more click here

What kind of event should I run?

When considering what kind of event you should run you will need to define the goals and objectives of your event clearly and understand exactly why you are planning to run the event. This ensures that your event fulfils the needs and expectations of your club, and this helps to support your event to succeed.

The points you make during this process should be continually referred to on your journey of planning the event. This ensures that your event stays on track and fulfils what your club set out to achieve. To read more click here

Other information about running events is available for Sports Community members via their website at Sports Community – Events