Sports Community

Based in Victoria Sports Community provide an excellent array of online resources and tools to assist clubs including their popular webinars and podcasts that deal with specific club issues.


Sports Community’s vision is to help build stronger communities by assisting ‘grass roots’ sports clubs to succeed through the empowerment of sport club volunteers. Sports Community believes healthy local sports clubs play a vital role within the community so we passionately endeavour to empower volunteers, around Australia, through the provision of information and training to help them achieve their objectives.

What we do

The purpose of Sports Community is to empower sports club volunteers to do amazing things!
We do this through:

  1. Providing step by step instructions to successfully complete a task
  2. Creating communities which support and help each other
  3. Telling the stories of clubs, volunteers and their successes

How do we do this?
Sports Community provides a number of resources and training which are designed to help and support volunteers of Sports Clubs. See below all of Sports Community’s products and services and if you have any questions please send us an email at for more information and assistance.

Classroom Training and Workshops:

  • We have a number of trained experts in the field of grassroots sports located across the country, who have presented over 400 workshops in both metropolitan and remote locations. Our presenters can cover a broad range of topics to help solve your club’s problems. Find out more 
  • Sports community is also available for panel discussions, network dinners, expos, and lectures as expert speakers in the grassroots sports marketplace. Call us now for booking details and rates 03 5973 6404

Online Training:

  • Webinars: Sports Community has developed a series of webinars on a range of informative subjects which you can experience from the comfort of your own home. Find out more 
  • Online Courses: Sports Community has created multiple online courses to train clubs on a number of areas from using Facebook at your club to creating a winning grant application. See what’s available  
  • eBooks: If reading is more your style Sports Community has 2 great ebooks available for download:
  • Professional Sporting bodies and government agencies: Sports Community has a number of services available at for peak sporting bodies, councils and government agencies. Find out more 

Other tools and resources:

  • Club Spot: Club Spot is an incredible online support system for community sports clubs. Sports Community will create a personalised website for your club which contains everything from training videos, templates and any other content your club needs included. Find out more
  • Sports Community Jobs Board: The Sports Community Jobs Board has been introduced to allow grassroots sports clubs to advertise positions within their club and to seek further volunteers
  • Free online tools and resources including checklists, templates, position descriptions and helpful information.
  • Fortnightly emails with updates on grants for Sports Clubs. Sign up here