The Umpires Committee is one of four operational committees of Bowls WA and is responsible for ensuring the adherence to the Laws which control the sport of bowls as described in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls and associated to that the training, coordination and development in all its forms of umpiring throughout the state of Western Australia.

Umpires Committee Charter

Umpires Committee 2021/22

  • Peter Barnett (Chair)                                       
  • Anne Crabb                          
  • Gavan Ebsworth                                
  • Vicki Eva                               
  • Sue Hogg                              
  • Werner Tubbe
  • David Killisch Von Horn
  • Robert (Bob) Tiller Snr
  • Ryan Havercroft               
  • Pieter Harris (Staff)        


The committee is comprised of up to 10 persons nominated in accordance with Bowls WA requirements whose names shall be submitted to the August meeting of the Bowls WA Board for ratification. No more than two members from the one club will be ratified.


The Committee is responsible for: 

1. Coordinating and delivery of umpire accreditation courses throughout Western Australia. 

2. Liaising with the Fixtures and Events Committee regarding the Umpiring requirements for Bowls WA events. 

3. Allocating Umpires for all required Bowls WA events. 

4. Maintaining accurate and up to date records. 

5. Developing a pathway for Umpires to progress their skills as stated within the Bowls WA High Performance Plan. 

6. Responding to all communications in a professional and timely manner. 

7. Developing and reviewing policies relating to umpiring issues and where appropriate making recommendations to the Bowls Management Committee on issues relating to the Rules of the game, 

8. With the Chief Executive Officer, developing the annual budget for the committee. 

9. Liaising with other BWA committees on overlapping issues. 

10. Forwarding minutes of its meetings to the designated staff member. 

11. Upholding the objects of and the Constitution of Bowls WA.