Umpires & Laws Committee

Umpires & Laws Committee

  • Sue Hogg (Chair)                                       
  • Anne Crabb                         
  • Hilton Dembo                         
  • Vicki Eva                        
  • Werner Tubbe
  • David Killisch Von Horn
  • Ryan Havercroft
  • Stephen Beckwith                           


The Umpires and Laws Committee is an advisory committee to the Game Development Committee. It is responsible for the improvement in both number and capability of Umpires and the provision of recommendations to that committee on the Bowls WA event(s) Conditions of Play and the Bowls Australia National Officiating Advisory Group (NOAG) on the Laws of the Sport.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Committee will be responsible for:

  • The review and update of key documentation relating to Conditions of Play for all Bowls WA events,
  • Ensure that the Bowls Australia (BA) National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS) is expertly presented, planned and delivered,
  • The provision of quality umpire seminars and workshops. This includes the development and assessment of umpiring, marking and measuring competencies and keeping accredited umpires up to date with current information,
  • Liaising closely with BA and NOAG on matters related to officiating and appropriate training of the National Officiating Scheme,
  • Ensuring the presentation of all NOAS courses are consistent and delivered by accredited assessors and facilitators (notwithstanding self-paced learning modules),
  • Enhancing the knowledge and expertise of committee members regarding officiating and the delivery of programs through ongoing professional development.


  • The Umpires and Laws Committee shall consist of no more than 5 members,
  • The members of the Committee are required to have National Umpires Accreditation,
  • The Chair of the Committee will be the appropriate staff member as appointed by the CEO,
  • The meeting will appoint a Secretary who shall record the Minutes and any outcomes as required,
  • Members of the Committee should have a sound knowledge of the Laws of the Sport, Bowls Australia Domestic Regulations, Officiating Procedures and the various Bowls WA Conditions of Play.


  • Meetings will be held as determined by the Chair,
  • The Committee is required to submit minutes from the meeting to the Game Development Committee, including any recommendations for change.
  • Honour the confidentiality of the committee’s deliberations and decision-making.

Term of Office

The term of office shall be two (2) years from the date of commencement.