Bowling Arm Players

Bowlers arms: a bowlers arm (pictured) is designed to assist a bowler to continue to bowl, with the aid of an artificial device, and can be used in any competition within Australia.  Typically they are used where a person has hip, knee, or back issues that restrict their ability to bend down to deliver the bowl or jack correctly.

Bowlers Arm device

A list of all approved Bowls Australia (BA) Bowling Arms can be found on the BA website HERE.  There are currently four types of bowlers arms approved for use in Australia.  They are known as “The Bowling Arm”, the “Bionic Bowler Arm” the “DHB arm”, and the “Dart Release”.  Each device is manufactured in several lengths and some include varying release mechanisms.

As of May 1, 2019 affiliated bowling members do NOT NEED to gain approval to use an bowlers arm as part of the updated BA Artificial Device Policy.  Prior to this date, a medical certificate stating that the affiliated member requires the bowlers arm to continue to participate in lawn bowls needed to accompany state artificial device approval forms.   

With this significant change, Bowls Australia now requires ALL Bowling Arms to have the National Merchandising Program (NMP) logo sticker.  In the event that an approved bowlers’ arm’s existing NMP logo sticker has come off due to wear and tear over time, Bowls Australia may be contacted to request a replacement sticker to be posted out, to then affix to the arm.

NMP Sticker

Players will need to provide details of their arm (ideally a photo) so that BA can confirm that the device is indeed an approved bowlers arm – this can be done by post or email to 

2024 Bowling Arm Events

DateVenueEvent Name
8 JanuaryMandurah Bowling ClubArmed Bowling Open (Flyer)
30 MarchEaton Bowling ClubEaton Armed Bowls Event (Flyer)
26, 27 & 28 AprilWarnbro Bowling ClubState Arm Championships – Singles (Flyer) (Entry)
9 MayAlbany Bowling ClubAlbany Bowling Arm Open Day (Flyer)