Our Teams

Bowls WA is committed to creating a specific and systematic high performance structure that allows athletes and coaches to achieve their ultimate potential of participation at elite level by establishing clear development pathways and program implementation.

To lift up the game of bowls in a more systematic and scientific way by acknowledging high performance culture and encourage its continuous development.

1. Establish a culture of high performance that will set new standards to the lawn bowls community within WA
2. Provide on-green and off-green opportunities to players at all levels, who strive to be the best player they can be
3. Develop coaches with skills and techniques to assist athletes to reach their full potential.
4. Raise the level of professionalism in all areas associated with selection of athletes for State representative duties.

High Performance Sub-committee
Chairperson: Ken Pride
Committee Members: Tony Hockey, Therese Hastings, Ken Perks
State Selectors (Women): Helen Stevens and Jaewyn Norton
State Selectors (Men): Roger Barns, Glyn Vaughan and Michael Zusman
Staff: Denise McMillan

State Coaches
State Coach for Women:  Therese Hastings
Assistant Coach: Elaine McDonald        
State Coach for Men: Tony Hockey                    
Assistant Coach: Lindsay Thorn
Bowls WA Academy Coach: Tony Hockey
State Coach for Under 18’s: Ken Perks