Women’s State Singles

The State Singles has been the premier event on the Women’s calendar since State Events began in 1935. It tests skill and mental toughness one on one with the opponent. Therese Hastings has the most wins with four including three in a row from 2004 to 2006.


 2020/21 K Krstic Manning C Ace-Watson Boulder
 2019/20 L Merz Manning K Andersen Mosman Park
 2018/19 K Krstic Manning N Abe Corrigin
 2017/18 K Krstic  Manning  I Arndt  Safety Bay 
 2016/17 H Morss  Manning  H Heal  Manning 
 2015/16 K Krstic Manning N Abe Corrigin
 2014/15 N Abe Corrigin K Krstic Manning
 2013/14 T Hastings Manning L Warburton Mosman Park
 2012/13 N Abe Corrigin T Hastings Manning
 2011/12 B Baker Mosman Park L West Manning
 2010/11 N Abe Corrigin G Botting Busselton
 2009/10 H Morss Manning B Scott Capel
 2008/09 R Dunn Dudley Park S Hogg Manning
 2007/08 B Scott Capel L Poletti Manning
 2006/07 K Wray Manning L West Manning
 2005/06 T Hastings Mosman Park K Gobbart Gingin
 2004/05 T Hastings Mosman Park T Boyle Meadow Springs
 2003/04 T Hastings Mosman Park I Mariani Yokine
 2002/03 L Poletti Melville C Hill Carlisle-Lathlain
 2001/02 A Charlton Thornlie J Smith Thornlie
 2000/01 P Wales Rockingham C Wight Fremantle
 1999/00 R Dunn Dudley Park W Promnitz East Fremantle
 1998/99 K Barter Dandaragan C Wight Fremantle
 1997/98 J Bavcevich Scarborough C Sullivan North Beach
 1996/97 S Jakovich Cockburn R Dunn Dudley Park
 1995/96 C Hill Victoria Park G Lisman Morley
 1994/95 B White Thornlie V Carlshausen Victoria Park
 1993/94 J Dixon Gingin L Poletti Geraldton
 1992/93 D Witton Scarborough N Wainwright Melville
 1991/92 N Wainwright Melville E Quinn Bassendean
 1990/91 B Guile North Beach J Dixon Gingin
 1989/90 N Holland Wanneroo M Hams Riverton-Rossmoyne
 1988/89 N Holland Wanneroo N Mathews Mandurah
 1987/88 I Dunwoodie Wanneroo B Lyle Yokine
 1986/87 V Hudson Melville P Menagh Bedford
 1985/86 B Ennis Eaton D Bridges East Fremantle
 1984/85 B Godfrey Doubleview N Brimson Mandurah
 1983/84 S Bloch City Beach E Leslie Osborne Park
 1982/83 S Collins Bedford O Rowe Melville
 1981/82 B Godfrey Doubleview J Dixon Gingin
 1980/81 A Klap Victoria Park V Hudson Melville
 1979/80 B Lyle  Yokine  S Donley  Melville 
 1978/79 B Ennis Eaton  A Newman  Kwinana 
 1977/78 M Parkin Carlisle  J Eley  Melville 
 1976/77 J Finkelstein Wembley  P Gascoigne  Hollywood 
 1975/76 M Couper Gosnells  M Hams  Cottesloe 
 1974/75 V Harman Wanneroo D Strang  Mosman Park 
 1973/74 B Enis Bunbury  A Klap  Hollywood 
 1972/73 M Bartlett Fremantle  P Martin  Mandurah 
 1971/72 A Klap Gosnells  B Perry  Swanbourne 
 1970/71 L Connell East Fremantle  M Russell  City Beach 
 1969/70 A Sunderland Bedford  O Magee  Civic Centre 
 1968/69 L Connell East Fremantle  B Tait  East Fremantle 
 1967/68 S Anderson Civic Centre  M Florek  North Perth 
 1966/67 E Martin Mosman Park  A Refeld  Victoria Park 
 1965/66 E Cheffins Dalkeith  L Connell  East Fremantle 
 1964/65 E Cheffins Dalkeith  J White  Narrogin 
 1963/64 J White Narrogin  L Nicholson  Dalkeith 
 1962/63 D McArthur Bayswater    
 1961/62 E Cheffins Dalkeith  L Connell  East Fremantle 
 1960/61 M Underwood Civic Centre  E Cheffins  Dalkeith 
 1959/60 M Underwood Civic Centre  B Small  Perth 
 1958/59 G Sharp South Perth     
 1957/58 G Hatswell Leederville  B Clark  Subiaco 
 1956/57 Mrs McCarthy Nedlands     
 1955/56 Mrs Powell Mosman Park     
 1954/55 G Sharp South Perth  J Styants  Victoria Park 
 1953/54 Mrs Atkins Nedlands  Mrs Crowther  Perth 
 1952/53 M Cotterell Subiaco  Mrs Lane  Mosman Park 
 1951/52 M Crowther Perth Mrs Hatch  Gosnells 
 1950/51 Mrs Phillips Cottesloe     
 1949/50 M Crowther Perth  B Clark  Subiaco 
 1948/49 Mrs McGovern East Fremantle  Mrs McOrmish  Nedlands 
 1947/48 Mrs McOmish Nedlands  M Howie  East Fremantle
 1946/47 Mrs Cross Victoria Park  Mrs Bartlett  Subiaco 
 1945/46 M Howie East Fremantle  Mrs Warwicker  Kitchener Park 
 1944/45 Mrs Carr Mt Lawley  Mrs Bartlett  Subiaco 
 1943/44 Mrs McOmish Nedlands  Mrs Dawson   
 1942/43 M Howie East Fremantle  Mrs Peters  East Fremantle 
 1941/42  Cancelled      
 1940/41 Mrs McOmish Nedlands     
 1939/40 Mrs Abbott Maimed & Limbless Assoc     
 1938/39  unknown      
 1937/38 A Kernick East Fremantle     
 1936/37  not held      
 1935/36 P Fitzgerald Maimed & Limbless Assoc