Physical Disability

Who is eligible to compete as an athlete with a physical impairment?

(B5-B8) Physical Impairment – There are eight different types of physical impairment:

  • Impaired muscle power – With impairments in this category, the force generated by muscles, such as the muscles of one limb, one side of the body or the lower half of the body is reduced, (e.g. due to spinal-cord injury, spina bifida or polio).
  • Impaired passive range of movement – Range of movement in one or more joints is reduced in a systematic way. Acute conditions such as arthritis are not included.
  • Loss of limb or limb deficiency – A total or partial absence of bones or joints from partial or total loss due to illness, trauma, or congenital limb deficiency (e.g. dysmelia).
  • Leg-length difference – Significant bone shortening occurs in one leg due to congenital deficiency or trauma.
  • Short stature – Standing height is reduced due to shortened legs, arms and trunk, which are due to a musculoskeletal deficit of bone or cartilage structures.
  • Hypertonia – Hypertonia is marked by an abnormal increase in muscle tension and reduced ability of a muscle to stretch. Hypertonia may result from injury, disease, or conditions which involve damage to the central nervous system (e.g. cerebral palsy).
  • Ataxia – Ataxia is an impairment that consists of a lack of coordination of muscle movements (e.g. cerebral palsyFriedreich’s ataxia).
  • Athetosis – Athetosis is generally characterized by unbalanced, involuntary movements and a difficulty maintaining a symmetrical posture (e.g. cerebral palsychoreoathetosis).

Previous Champions

Singles Championships

2021Ashley ArmstrongBunburyEddie GollanRossmoyne
 2020Wayne AllsoppDowerinBilly DaviesForrestfield
 2019Steve MurrayScarboroughLeigh PassmoreCockburn
 2018Wayne Allsopp Dowerin Frank Fletcher Osborne Park 
 2017*Laurie Blurton Bunbury Eddie Gollan Kardinya 
 2016Wayne AllsoppDowerin Eddie GollanKardinya
 2015Wayne AllsoppDowerinSteven MurrayScarborough

Pairs Championships

 YearLead NameClubSkip NameClub
2021Steve MurrayScarboroughEddie GollanRossmoyne
 2020Andrew EdmondsNorthamEddie GollanRossmoyne
 2019Thomas CoppingBrooktonJoe DaveyFremantle
 2018Wayne Allsopp Dowerin Frank Fletcher Osborne Park 
 2017*Wayne Allsopp Dowerin Steve Murray Scarborough 
 2016Joe Davey East FremantleEddie GollanKardinya
 2015Vincent HigginsKarlgarinGreg PowerGuilderton

*included Bowling Arm players