Female Bowler of the Sides Series

Beryl Godfrey Trophy

Awarded to the Most Outstanding Female Bowler at the Australian Sides Championship

Year    Winner  Club 
 2020 No series (Covid-19)  
 2019 Helen Morss Manning
 2018 Kristina Krstic  Manning 
 2017 Hailey Adams (joint winner) Osborne Park
  Kristina Krstic (joint winner) Manning 
 2016 Kristina Krstic (joint winner) Manning 
  Shenayde Heldt (joint winner) Manning
 2015  Kristina Krstic  Manning 
 2014  Kristina Krstic  Manning 
 2013  Shenayde Heldt  Manning 
 2012  Kelli Rogalski  Manning 
 2011  Kathy Gobbart  Gingin 
 2010  Kathy Gobbart  Gingin 
 2009  Kathy Gobbart  Gingin 
 2008  Therese Hastings  Mosman Park  
 2007  Therese Hastings  Mosman Park 
 2006  Elaine McDonald   Eaton