Liquor Control Act

Information supplied by Clubs WA

Western Australia’s liquor laws offer many exciting business opportunities for clubs but the primary objective is about harm minimisation when people use alcohol. Clubs WA sees this as vital on a number of fronts because the difference between clubs and other liquor outlets is now more pronounced. Clubs must announce themselves as the sector that is owned and operated by the community and shares community sentiment for a broader level of acceptance for your establishment in your region. Consider with your committee and members:

  • Is your club fulfilling its objectives, are your members fulfilling their objectives and is your facility being used efficiently.
  • Do you welcome other club members, do you understand the new reciprocal and temporary membership laws and what that might mean with extra business to your club.
  • Do you welcome other community groups to use your facility, do you understand the new laws allowing clubs to hold community events and functions.
  • Do you review the terms of your liquor licence and do you understand the benefits and liabilities (regulation) attached to having a club licence.

Clubs WA can supply the answers and strategies required to support your club become a stronger and more effective entity in your community. Clubs WA’s primary interest is in club welfare, their viability to operate as an effective business and their role in the community, so we appreciate and understand the impact of short-term costs associated with the mandatory training of persons that serve or supply alcohol for the club.

Training your staff and volunteers will be good for your business. It is important that your club demonstrates that it has a policy of training key people and that they are onsite at times when most alcohol is served. Using that commitment to training and meeting the governments harm minimisation strategies, your club may choose to seek modification from parts of the requirement to have an approved manager on site at all times and from elements of mandatory training that are unpractical for your club. Clubs WA can assist your club develop a framework that can be used to apply for exemptions which should contain a description of what your club is about, its size etc. Clubs WA and senior officers from Department of Racing Gaming & Liquor have agreed terms that can be seen as suitable for promoting the best outcome for your club. Clubs WA is a Registered Training Provider accredited to deliver all the courses associated with the new training regulations and we offer special discounts and terms for your club. To find out more about the Training Courses available via Clubs WA click here.

Liquor Control Act 1988