The Country Committee is a committee of Bowls WA and encompasses all country bowls.

Country Committee Charter

Country Committee 2021/22

  • Ross Warburton – Chair
  • Des Miguel – Eastern
  • Jenni Bunce – Eastern
  • Norm Skoglund – Northern
  • Sandra Trenowden – Northern
  • Greg Carter – Southern
  • Jill Fotheringhame – Southern
  • Rob Plater – South Western
  • Anne Whyatt – South Western
  • Ken Pride- Staff


Each zone shall elect two (2) representatives, one of each gender, to form the Committee of eight (8) excluding the Chairperson. The term of office shall be two (2) years. The maximum term of office for an Elected Representative shall be ten (10) years; therefore the maximum consecutive terms which may be served is five (5). If a person has not been an Elected Representative for three (3) consecutive years, the ten (10) year maximum period will recommence.


1. Providing League Associations and Clubs with an effective individual or collective means of approach to Bowls WA and the Bowls WA Board. 

2. Assisting Bowls WA and the Bowls WA Board with communications, monitoring and response to matters affecting country bowls. 

3. Developing the annual plan for the development of country bowls to include coaching and umpiring requirements as well as club development. 

4. Develop the annual country expenditure by January each year for consideration by the Bowls WA Finance Committee. 

5. Developing, documenting and recommending the policies and processes by which the League and Zone competitions are conducted. 

6. Developing, documenting and recommending the policies and processes by which the Country Coaching Enhancement Scheme is conducted. 

7. Liaising with the Bowls WA Match Committee in the conduct of Country Week Championships. 

8. Assisting with planning and conduct of other competitions or events that are determined to be advantageous to regional Associations for the promotion and/or development of bowls in Western Australia. 

9. Being especially aware of and providing input and assistance into the needs and conduct of junior playing development, including schools. 

10. Providing assistance to Bowls WA staff when requested, to identify volunteer help to assist with general tasks.