Installing & Refurbishing of a Green

Extract from Bowls Australia Bowling Green Construction Guidelines Manual

Installing a new green, natural or synthetic, or refurbishing an existing green is one of the most important projects a bowling club will undertake. Most bowling clubs operate on a limited budget, so it will be critical to ensure any investment is wisely spent with the risk of something going wrong minimised. Major greens projects involve significant costs – which can escalate or be wasted if badly managed.

Read the Bowls Australia Bowling Green Construction Guidelines Manual

Natural Turf v Synthetic Turf Decision Making Guide

Synthetic Green and Shade Manufacturers or Installers

Bowls WA does not have preferred manufacturers or green installers, however there is a list of World Bowls approved surfaces.

It is important that when deciding to replace or install a surface, that the club do its own due diligence and select the surface which best suits their needs and direction. Below is a list of Australian Manufactures/Installers:

Other information related to greens and surrounds