Jack Attack

Get to Know Jack Attack

Jack Attack emulates the style of play of the revolutionary Bowls Premier League, now regularly seen on Fox Sports, Kayo and SkyTV NZ.

Described as the Twenty20 of lawn bowls, the Jack Attack program allows you to bring this exciting format and style of play directly to clubland. Done right, you can capitalise on it’s social, fast past format to help boast participation, by appealing to people opposed to playing in longer formats like pennant, and providing a more structured competition than barefoot bowls.  

The Jack Attack program is intended to be run as a six-to-eight-week competition, staged ideally on a midweek evening. The format consists of two bowl triples with substitutions permitted, two sets of five ends, a sudden death tie-breaker if required, and a duration of play of just 60-75 minutes.

Jack Attack Video

The Rules of Jack Attack

  • Make it enjoyable to ensure all players are having fun!
  • Players can participate in consecutive order or they can bowl out of turn.
  • The jack is placed wherever the team wants to from the mat.
  • All players remain at the mat end to ensure the social atmosphere is maintained.
  • Closest bowl scores one point and additional closest bowls from the same team score additional points.
  • Each team gets to have one power-play per set.
  • Jack in the ditch is re-spotted to the ‘T’.
  • Result of each end is declared by the coordinator.
  • Music to be played over the greens whilst play is taking place.

Sign-Up As A Host Club

Interested in signing up as a host club? 

Click here to download all the relevant information you need to know in order to successful run a Jack Attack program at your club. 

When you are ready to register as a host club, simply select the ‘REGISTER’ tab on the Jack Attack website page and signup online. 

Alternatively, you can download a manual registration form and send it to the Bowls Australia office to register.

If you have any questions regarding Jack Attack, please contact your local Regional Bowls Manager to assist with your enquiry. 

RBM Contact details:






Troy Kinnane

Phone: 0418 890 680

Email: tkinnane@bowls.com.au