Women’s Saturday Pennants

The origins of the Women’s Saturday Pennant Competition go back to 1997 where several interested clubs agreed to participate. Starting with 8 teams playing in two rinks of fours the competition was run by an independent Women’s Saturday Pennant Committee. Over the next few years such was the popularity that the Western Australia Ladies Bowls Association agreed to take over and ran the first officially recorded competition with 34 teams playing in four equal divisions called Bilbys, Possums, Echidnas and Wombats in the 2000/01 season.  The winners of each division then played off for the pennant flag with North Beach the inaugural winners.

The competition was further expanded in 2006/07 with the addition of three more divisions called Wombats, Kangaroos and Emus in keeping with the native Australia animals theme. A major pennant restructure took place in 2007/08 and the Women’s Saturday Pennant Competition moved to a graded competition with two coloured first divisions, three coloured second divisions and two coloured third divisions. It has remained that way since however the first division was split in 2010/11 with 1 Red and 1 Blue established as more elite players participated. The competition has continued to expand further over recent years as more sides were added to third division with almost 70 teams in total engaged in regular competition each weekend.