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Men’s Metro

Men’s Metropolitan Carnival Dates 2021-22

Page last updated August 30th 2021

DateVenueEvent Name
21WarnbroMen’s Split Fours Classic
28KardinyaShots Up 2 Bowl Triples
28SorrentoDash For Cash Fours
4-5Safety BaySpring Carnival
8RossmoyneAll Day Men’s Triples
11,12,17,18,19Mt LawleyConsistency Singles
OCTOBER 2021  
8ByfordMen’s Fours Carnival
22FremantleMen’s Over 70’s Carnival
JANUARY 2022  
22WarwickMen’s 2nd Div and Under Triples
MARCH 2022  
5WarwickMen’s Open Triples
5-6RockinghamMen’s Carnival
25WannerooGeoff Gunning Presidents Pairs
APRIL 2022  
MAY 2022
15YanchepMen’s Invitational Triples
Women’s Metro

Women’s Metropolitan Carnival Dates 2021-2022

last updated August 30th 2021

DateVenueEvent Name
13ByfordSpring Carnival
14,15,16,19Mt LawleyConsistency Singles
17JoondalupQueen of Scroungers
23-24GosnellsKookaburra Classic
OCTOBER 2021  
8North BeachLadies Gala Day
15GosnellsLadies Spring Fours
22WannerooLadies Gala Day
22WillettonLadies Gala Day
29ManningLadies Gala Day
5LeemingLadies Gala Day
5ScarboroughClassic Fours
12RockinghamLadies Gala Day
19JoondalupLadies Gala Day
19MelvilleLadies Gala Day
26WarwickLadies Gala Day
26BedfordLadies Gala Day
3KwinanaLadies Gala Day
3Mt PleasantChristmas Gala Day
10-13North BeachLadies Masters Pairs
JANUARY 2022  
5-6Victoria Park CarlisleLadies Classic Pairs
7SorrentoLadies Gala Day
14Mosman ParkLadies Gala Day
14YanchepLadies Gala Day
21East Fremantle‘Pearl Day’ Gala Day
21EllenbrookEllenbrook Gala Day
28BedfordDonovan 4’s
4Dalkeith-NedlandsGala Day
23MorleyMorley Ladies Gala Day
MARCH 2022  
4ScarboroughGala Day
18SorrentoLadies Invitation Day
22KardinyaGala Day
27YanchepBethanie Open Mixed Fours
APRIL 2022  
1ForrestfieldLadies Gala Day
28-29Victoria Park CarlisleTouch of Style
MAY 2022
15YanchepMens Invitation Triples
Any Gender Metro

Metropolitan Any Gender Carnivals for 2021-22

last updated August 30th 2021

DateVenueEvent Name
6-7Mt LawleyMt Lawley Winter Bowl
14WillettonFives Alive / Five A Side
4Mt LawleyBerry Bowling Systems Classic Open Split Fours
4North PerthCharity Fours for Beyond Blue
5KalamundaClassic Split Fours
11-12CambridgeSt Ives Classic
19ScarboroughLightning Pairs
26CockburnLegends Day
OCTOBER 2021  
10NollamaraSpring Fours Carnival
16BayswaterBillie Parravicini Memorial Fours
20BedfordCraigCare Classic Split Fours
JANUARY 2022  
2YokineAllsorts Pairs
MARCH 2022  
5-6ThornlieRavens Classic Fours
14,16,21,23,25CockburnTwilight Pairs
20RoleystoneRoley Fours Classic
27FremantleSplit Fours Carnival
APRIL 2022  
10ForrestfieldAny Gender Fours Carnival
MAY 2022
15ForrestfieldAny Gender Fours Carnival
JUNE 2022
12ForrestfieldAny Gender Fours Carnival
JULY 2022
10ForrestfieldAny Gender Fours Carnival
14ForrestfieldAny Gender Fours Carnival
Men’s Country

Men’s Country Carnival Dates 2021-22

last updated August 30th 2021

DateVenueEvent Name
26Dudley ParkOpen Winter Triples
28-29WonthellaMen’s Open Classic
1Port BouvardOpen Triples
8MandurahOpen Triples
7-8KalgoorlieSpring Carnival Cash Fours
9-10KalgoorlieSpring Carnival Gold Fours
11BeverleyBeverley Open Men’s Triples
11,12EatonEaton Men’s Open Split Fours
11,12DenisonBatavia Men’s Classic
14,15NorthamNortham Men’s Carnival Fours
15YarloopOpen Triples
17QuairadingGary Haythornwaite Memorial Fours
17PinjarraTom Glendinning Men’s Fours
22,23WaroonaAlcoa Split Fours
24DoodlakineEDSCO Fours
25.26GeraldtonHarry Stanton Memorial Fours
27-28BoulderRace Round Carnival Fours
28,29BunburyBunbury Men’s Iron Jack Fours
29YunderupMen’s Fours Classic
29NorthamptonBinnu Bandits Triples
29-1 OctBoulderRace Round Farewell Fours
OCTOBER 2021  
1KellerberrinBill Main Fours
3WonthellaDrennan O’Malley Pairs
2,3JerramungupMen’s Bowls Classic
5,6Albany$ Shot Classic Triples
6Halls HeadOpen Fours
8Comet BayOpen Split Fours
10DenisonKaka Threes
10BolgartCalingiri Open Fours
10CapelCapel Men’s Open Fours
13PinjarraOpen Triples
15BoddingtonFours Carnival
17BrooktonVersatility Fours
20Dudley ParkOpen Triples
20,21CunderdinCunderdin Pipeline Classic
20,21EatonEaton Harry Phillips Memorial Men’s Open Pairs
24CranbrookAlbany West Coast Wools & Trevelen Wines Men’s Pairs
24EatonMen’s South West King Scroungers
26TambellupNutrient AG Solutions / Tambellup Rural Traders Men’s Fours
29EatonEaton Elders Cockies Men’s Open Triples
31AlbanyTraders Day Open Men’s Pairs
2,3KojonupNutrien Pairs
3BoyanupBoyanup Men’s Melbourne Cup Triples
4CowaramupCharlie Dempster Memorial Pairs
7DandaraganDandaragan Men’s Open Fours
8,9GnowangerupMen’s Blue Ribbon Classic
10NorthamTriples Northam
10Meadow SpringsOpen Triples
10WilliamsElders Fours
10WalpoleMen’s Triples
10,11AugustaMen’s Triples
12HarveyHarvey Men’s Open Split Fours
14GeraldtonYoung Motors Pairs
16,17Middleton BeachMen’s Invitational Fours
17Port BouvardOpen Fours
17BindoonOpen Men’s Triples
21Halls HeadMandurah Toyota Fours
24WaroonaOpen Triples
24DonnybrookWilliam Barrett Invitation Fours
26BusseltonBusselton Men’s Open Pairs
1MandurahOpen Triples
1,2BrunswickBrunswick Men’s Invitation Classic Fours
2DenmarkOpen Men’s Triples
7,8WickepinMerino Fours
8NorthamNortham Open Triples
8Comet BayOpen Triples
9Middleton BeachNutrien AG Men’s Pairs
12TamminTammin Invitation Day / Caffell Shield
16BinningupBinningup Dash For Cash Triples
JANUARY 2022  
1MeckeringMeckering Open Triples
1,2CervantesCervantes Men’s Open Fours
1,2,3BusseltonBusselton Men’s 8000 Classic
2,3DenmarkMen’s Fours Split Pairs Carnival
4BordenBorden Pairs
4,5Emu PointPioneer Dental & The Outlook Men’s Fours Split Pairs
4,5Dudley ParkKG Green Real Estate Classic
5GoomallingGoomalling Open Fours
5QuairadingManunda Triples
11,12KellerberrinGolden Grains
11,12Port BouvardMen’s Fours Carnival
12WonthellaOpen Men’s Triples
12,13ManjimupManjimup Invitation Fours
13Margaret RiverElders Insurance Geographe Open Triples
15,16JurienJurien Men’s Open Fours
15EatonWilliam Barrett “Ashes” Men’s Open Pairs
16NorthamptonYuna Men’s Threes
16BrooktonTradies Triples
18,19Mt Barker GolfNutrien Wool Invitational Fours
19PinjarraOpen Triples
19,20CowaramupGary Smith Memorial Fours Carnival
20BinningupBinningup Roy Decke Memorial Men Triples
22,23PingellyCarnival Fours
23AlbanyGreen Range Men’s Triples
23,24DenisonKailis Men’s Fours Carnival
24,25AlbanyMen’s Open Invitational Pairs
26DarkanMen’s Fours
26DowerinAustralia Day Open Fours
26PembertonWA Chip Day
27BordenBorden Triples
30DoodlakineDuncan Pairs
1,2BrooktonBrookton Classic Fours
2Halls HeadOpen Triples
2LeemanLeeman Men’s Open Fours
2,3EatonMen’s Open Classic Fours
6CranbrookElders / Clark Skinner Agencies Men’s Fours
6QuairadingMecca Farm Triples
8.9BolgartBolgart Classic Open Fours
9Dudley ParkOpen Triples
9QuairadingQuairading Invitation Day
9,10AugustaMen’s Fours
13KojonupOpen Fours
15PingellyWool Agency Fours
16YarloopOpen Triples
16BindoonOpen Men’s Fours
16,17Margaret RiverClassic Invitation Fours
20WalpoleBurton Realty Men’s Fours Split Pairs Carnival
22,23Emu PointAllan Poor Open Men’s Pairs
23NorthamNortham Open Triples
23YunderupOpen Triples
24BinningupBinningup Dash For Cash
MARCH 2022  
1Middleton BeachVeterans Men’s Pairs
2Comet BayOpen Triples
2,3HarveyHarvey Men’s Split Fours
5,6NarroginMen’s Fours
5,6BoyanupBoyanup Men’s Triples
9WaroonaOpen Triples
13FranklandAlkoomi Wines Lightning Triples
15BeverleyBeverley Invitation Classic Fours
15Mt Barker GolfCarroll Staite Agencies Triples
16DonnybrookBunbury Machinery Invitation Triples
16DowerinBoekeman’s Open Triples
23NorthamNortham Open Triples
23,24Middleton BeachMen’s Invitation Triples
24NannupThe Men’s Fours
25BusseltonMen’s Open Pairs
30Meadow SpringsOpen Triples
31MandurahAudika Open Men’s Fours
APRIL 2022  
2,3YorkYork Open Fours / Split Pairs Carnival
5,6TambellupInvitation Classic
6PinjarraOpen Triples
7Mt Barker GolfWellington & Reeves & Henderson Bros Invitational Men’s Triples
9BeverleyBeverley Open Pairs
9,10ShackletonShackleton Carnival
9,10BusseltonThe Geographe Bay Open Men’s Fours
9,10DunsboroughWise Wine Classic Men’s Open Fours
9,10MullewaMullewa Golden Bowl
10BeverleyBeverley Open Fours
12,13AlbanyMen’s Autumn Fours Carnival
13,14BinningupMen’s Open Fours
16,17WonthellaUltimate Bowls Challenge
20CapelMen’s Autumn Open Fours
20Comet BayOpen Triples
22,23Dudley ParkJohnny Lewer Smash Repairs Classic
23WilliamsBrownies Day Fours
24PembertonDiggers Cup
27WaroonaOpen Triples
27,28CollieMen’s 5000 Classic
30, 1 MayHalls HeadInvitational Carnival
MAY 2022
4Meadow SpringsOpen Triples
7EatonMen’s Open Sixes
7,8Mt BarkerMen’s Annual Fours Carnival
11YunderupOpen Triples
18Port BouvardOpen Triples
25PinjarraOpen Triples
JUNE 2022
4-9GeraldtonMen’s 76th June Carnival
13NorthamptonMen’s Fours
Women’s Country

Women’s Country Carnival Dates 2021-2022

last updated August 30th 2021

DateVenueEvent Name
4BoyanupBoyanup Archers Ladies Fours
4,5DenisonStar Coast Open
9NorthamptonMurray Criddle Nominated Triples
11BoyanupBoyanup Archers Ladies Fours
14MandurahMandurah Spring Triples
18BoyanupBoyanup Archers Ladies Fours
18,19GeraldtonBatavia Coast Major Logue Open
OCTOBER 2021  
1Comet BayComet Bay Open Spring Triples
6PinjarraPinjarra Open Pairs
7,8DenmarkInvitational Ladies Fours Split Pairs Carnival
8CowaramupLadies Open Day
15Halls HeadHalls Head Gala Day
15CapelCapel Ladies Open Triples
15MooraMoora Ladies Open Day
21,22AlbanyAll Sort Pairs
22Dudley ParkDudley Park Gala Day
22GeraldtonRigter’s Open 4’s Quadripartite
28,29DunsboroughDunsborough Ladies Classic
29Meadow SpringsMeadow Springs Gala Day
30TamminTammin Gala Day
31Merredin CivicMerredin Civic Open Day
1BunburyBunbury Ladies Medley Pairs
4,5KatanningKatanning Klassic Fours
5QuairadingQuairading Gala Day
5PinjarraPinjarra Split Fours One Day Carnival
9Emu PointEmu Point Gala Day
10DenisonDenison Open Day
10YunderupYunderup Gala Day
11,12GnowangerupGnowangerup Blue Ribbon Classic
12BinningupBinningup Gala Day
12NarembeenNarembeen Open Day
14WestoniaWestonia Open Day
19CollieCollie Gala Day
19WaroonaWaroona Invitation Fours
20,21BusseltonBusselton Ladies Classic
23CranbrookCranbrook Gala Day
26PingellyPingelly Gala Day
26Wongan HillsLadies Open Day
26Port BouvardPort Bouvard Gala Day
26HarveyHarvey Gala Day
2,3Middleton BeachLadies Invitation Fours
3BoyanupBoyanup Ladies Invitation Fours
3LeemanLeeman Open Day Triples
3CorriginCorrigin Open Day
6EatonEaton Ladies Invitation Triples
10MandurahMandurah One Day Classic
10BrunswickBrunswick Gala Day
10BrooktonBrookton Gala Day
17CapelCapel Gala Day
JANUARY 2022  
8,9EatonEaton Ladies Classic
13,14Dudley ParkDudley Park Classic Fours
19,20YunderupYunderup Split Fours
20,21KojonupInvitation Classic Fours
20-21HopetounLadies Classic
21CunderdinCunderdin Gala Day
28Comet BayComet Bay Gala Day
28BusseltonBusselton Gala Day
2WalpoleWalpole Gala Day
4Meadow SpringsMeadow Springs Valentine Fours
4BinningupBinningup Ladies Invitation Fours
10,11Mt BarkerPlantagenet Ladies Invitational Classic
11WaroonaWaroona Gala Day
11BoyanupBoyanup Ladies Invitation Triples
13Bruce RockBruce Rock Open Day
18MandurahMandurah Gala Day
19,20AugustaLadies Open Fours
20YilgarnYilgarn Open Day
23WonthellaSupa IGA Fours Open
24Middleton BeachMiddleton Beach Mixed Fours
25HarveyHarvey Ladies Invitation Fours
25WickepinWickepin Gala Day
26,27JurienJurien Classic Fours
MARCH 2022  
4Mt Barker GolfMt Barker Golf Gala Day
5,6BunburyBunbury Ladies Invitation Classic
11DonnybrookDonnybrook Gala Day
17AlbanySound Life Financial Services Invitation Triples
18BindoonBindoon Ladies Classic
APRIL 2022  
1WilliamsWilliams Gala Day
1PinjarraPinjarra Gala Day
4,5Emu PointLadies Invitational Triples
6YunderupYunderup Fun Pairs
9,10LancelinLadies 2 Day Endeavour Classic
9,10ManjimupManjimup Invitation Fours
12Mt BarkerMt Barker Gala Day
13WonthellaRangeway Pharmacy Open Pairs
20,21Halls HeadHalls Head Invitation Carnival
22GeraldtonGeraldton Ladies Open Day
MAY 2022
3Dudley ParkDudley Park Open Carnival Pairs
3,4GeraldtonGeraldton Ladies May Carnival
JUNE 2022
4,5,6WonthallaWonthella Ladies Carnival
13NorthamptonLadies Fours
13,14WonthellaWonthella Ladies Open
Mixed Country

Mixed Metropolitan Carnival Dates 2021-2022

last updated June 11th 2021

DateVenueEvent Name
26-27SorrentoMixed Masters Fours
OCTOBER 2021  
1-3StirlingMixed Masters Pairs
13MundaringRex Cox Mixed Split Fours
14GinginHarvest Bowl
8MundaringSolargain Mixed Split Fours
JANUARY 2022  
20Victoria Park CarlisleQuick and the Dead
MARCH 2022  
27YanchepBethanie Open Mixed Fours
APRIL 2022  
16ScarboroughEaster Mixed Pairs
18ManningEaster Monday Mixed Pairs
Mixed Metro

Mixed Metropolitan Carnival Dates 2021-2022

last updated June 11th 2021

DateVenueEvent Name
26-27SorrentoMixed Masters Fours
OCTOBER 2021  
1-3StirlingMixed Masters Pairs
13MundaringRex Cox Mixed Split Fours
14GinginHarvest Bowl
8MundaringSolargain Mixed Split Fours
JANUARY 2022  
20Victoria Park CarlisleQuick and the Dead
MARCH 2022  
27YanchepBethanie Open Mixed Fours
APRIL 2022  
16ScarboroughEaster Mixed Pairs
18ManningEaster Monday Mixed Pairs

Promoted Carnivals

Club: Dalkeith Nedlands

Event: 2021 Spring Fours

Date: 2nd October 2021 12pm – 3rd October 2021 9:30am

Entries Close: When Full or Monday 27th September 2021

Event Flyer and Further Details

Contact: Peter Jeanes – 0411 024 779 –

Club: Bedford Bowling Club

Event: CraigCare Carnival

Date: Wednesaday 20th October 2021

Entries Close: Monday 11th October 2021

Event Flyer and Further Details

Contact: or Club 9370 2454