Intellectual Disability

Sport Inclusion Australia (formerly AUSRAPID) – A national sporting organisation established in 1986 to assist the inclusion of people with an intellectual disability into the mainstream community using sport as the medium.  Sport Inclusion Australia has worked within the Australian sporting sector with outstanding success and is proud of the increasing numbers of sporting organisations and clubs taking responsibility for inclusion with the focus on ability and based on social inclusion principles.

Inclusion WA is the WA branch of Sport Inclusion Australia and their role is to offer classification advice to people with an intellectual disability and to work with state sporting organisations to identify and develop pathways for local, national and international competition.

Athletes with a significant impairment in intellectual functioning and associated limitations in adaptive behaviour. The IPC primarily serves athletes with physical disabilities, but the disability group Intellectual Disability has been added to some Paralympic Games. 

Previous Champions

Singles Championships

2021Joseph LehaneGosnellsPaul HyndSpearwood
 2020Peter PewseyKalamundaJoseph LehaneGosnells
 2019Joseph LehaneGosnellsPaul HyndSpearwood
 2018Joseph Lehane Gosnells Robert Hughes East Fremantle 
 2017Joseph Lehane Gosnells Joseph Maiolo Gosnells 
 2016Joseph LehaneGosnellsRobert Hughes East Fremantle
 2015Joseph LehaneGosnellsRobert HughesEast Fremantle

Pairs Championship

 YearLead Name Club Skip Name Club 
2021Peter PewseyKalamundaJoseph LehaneGosnells
 2020Peter PewseyKalamundaJoseph LehaneGosnells
 2019Joseph MaioloGosnellsJoseph LehaneGosnells
 2018Joseph Maiolo Gosnells Joseph Lehane Gosnells 
 2017Jospeh Maiolo Gosnells Jospeh Lehane Gosnells 
 2016Joseph MaioloGosnellsJoseph LehaneGosnells
 2015Joseph MaioloGosnellsJoseph LehaneGosnells