Club and People Development

Club and People Development Committee

  • Vince del Prete (Chair)
  • Lee Bunney  
  • Phil Manning      
  • Clive Adams (Staff)


The purpose of the Committee is to carry out the implementation of the Strategic and Operational Plans as they relate to club development and sustainability and more specifically, the Club Development and Modernization Strategy.

Duties and Responsibilities

In assisting the Board in fulfilling their responsibilities, the duties of the committee shall be to provide oversight and make recommendations to the Board in the following areas:

  1. The provision of support and assistance to clubs and their members, in whatever form that may take with a long-term objective of club sustainability,
  2. Reporting to the Board on the progress towards achievement of the various plans and strategies as they relate to Club Development,
  3. The ongoing personal and professional development of the Board, Staff and Committee Volunteers,
  4. Annually with the CEO on budgetary matters,
  5. Liaison with advisory committees and actions resulting from those recommendations.


  • The Chairman of the Committee shall be a Board Member so appointed by the Board,
  • Other Board Members as appointed to the portfolio,
  • The relevant staff member as appointed by the CEO, who shall act as Secretary and record Minutes and outcomes as required,
  • Other members who may be co-opted as approved by the Board.


  • A quorum shall be set at 50% of the members of the committee,
  • Meetings will be held every second month or as determined by the Chairperson,
  • Club & People Development meetings, activities, agendas and minutes are to be recorded and forwarded to the Board as part of the following Board Meeting agenda,
  • The Minutes of the meetings are to be made public through the Bowls WA website.


The Committee is authorized within the scope of their responsibilities set out in these Terms of Reference to:

  • Perform the activities required to address its responsibilities and make reports to the Board,
  • Co-opt any individuals that the committee may require to carry out its duties, including any additional staff members as approved by the CEO.

Governance responsibilities

The committee shall ensure that it;

  1. Evaluates, on an annual basis, its own performance and review these Terms of Reference and as it considers appropriate, propose any changes for approval by the Board,
  2. Ensure adequate resources and support are in place to enable the committee to fulfill its duties effectively and efficiently,
  3. Undertake the scoping, feasibility and planning for special projects assigned to the committee as determined by the Board.

Term of Office

The term of office for committee members shall be in accordance with the Bowls WA Constitution and as set by the Board at the time of their appointment.