Club Development

The Club Development Committee is appointed by the Board with the primary object of providing support and assistance to clubs and their members.

Club Development Committee Charter

Club Development Committee   2021/22

  • Vince del Prete (Chair)
  • Lee Bunney  
  • Debbie Capper      
  • Hailey Packer  
  • Simon Alden
  • Jeffrey Bessant
  • Clive Adams (RBM)           
  • Steve Unsworth (RBM)  
  • Aaron Delaporte & Kaitlin Tyrrell (Staff)


The committee is comprised of up to five (5) persons. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will nominate a staff member or members to act as Staff Liaison(s) to the committee. The committee shall meet no less than six times per year or more often as shall be necessary to carry out its business. Members of the committee are required to acknowledge that they have been selected to represent the interests of bowls generally and not as a delegate of their club. 

The Committee is responsible for:

1. The provision of support and assistance to clubs and their members, in whatever form that may take. The objective of the committee’s activities will be to assist clubs and their members to achieve long term sustainability on and off the green. 

2. Carrying out the implementation of the Strategic and Operational Plans as they relate to club development and sustainability. 

3. Reporting to the Board as required against the Operational Plan’s outcomes. 

4. Responding to all communications in a professional and timely manner. 

5. Developing and reviewing policies relating to club development and sustainability. 

6. Adhering to the annual budget as set by the Board. 

7. Liaising with other Bowls WA standing and operational committees on overlapping issues. 

8. Upholding the objects of and the Constitution of Bowls WA.