Regulations and Compliance

Sporting and recreational clubs represent the largest number of associations incorporated in Western Australia.  They vary in size and complexity, and offer a diverse range of competitive, recreational, professional and amateur activities.  This chapter provides an overview of some of the issues that concern sport and recreational associations in regards to complying with the requirements to operate.

Key Points

  • Incorporated associations are required to have a set of rules that comply with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.  These rules are often referred to as the Constitution.  Additional rules can be included in a set of by-laws.
  • It is compulsory for incorporated associations to keep an up-to-date register of all its members, including children, and this register must be made available to association members for inspection upon request.
  • Associations must ensure that safety rules and procedures are implemented and to be protected against liability.  It is very important to ensure that all members and participants are fully informed of the safety rules and requirements.
  • Parents must give their consent, preferably in writing, for children to participate in sports and recreational activities.
  • Associations must ensure that they have adequate insurance.