Strategic & Operational Planning

Strategic planning is the most effective way to sustain, improve and develop your club. It is often required by funding bodies, local government and corporate sponsors to demonstrate your club has a clear view on how money is to be spent and how it will grow and develop the club among the community.

The process doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact great value that can be obtained through simple plans that are implemented, monitored, actioned and evaluated.

As a board, some of the important questions to ask include:

  • Do you have a clear understanding of where your organisation is going over the next 3 – 5-years?
  • Do members of the board, employees and volunteers understand your club’s vision, goals and objectives?
  • Do you know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by your organisation?
  • Do you have strategies in place that use your club’s strengths, capitalise on the opportunities, mitigate any threats and improve areas of weakness?
  • Is your progress against your strategic plan being monitored with relevant key performance indicators?

If you answered no to any of the above, below is a series of resources that can help you improve your strategic planning efforts.

Bowls Australia Business Plans

Bowls Australia, through the Regional Bowls Manager program, provide advice and support to clubs and assistance with planning. Below are templates and examples that can be used.

Workshop Materials

The material in these documents covers the following learning outcomes:
• Why, what and when should you plan?
• Goal setting and establishing priorities for your club
• Planning models and processes
• The key elements of the planning process
• What does success look like – evaluating the plan

DSR Club Workshop Operational Planning and Goal Setting Notes

DSR Club Workshop Operational Planning and Goal Setting Presentation Slides

DSR Strategic Planning Template


Top Club is an online planning tool that can assist your club to achieve best practice procedures. It facilitates a sense of ownership by engaging your members to provide input into what they consider to be the essential elements of their club. Top Club’s planning is based on what members nominate to be the club’s purpose, values, vision and appropriate member behaviour both on and off the greens. The outcome is a year long club plan with clear strategies and objectives that can assist you with the delegation process and prioritising.

Top Club can assist your club to spread the workload, enhance club culture and ultimately make life easier for your president and committee. Top Club:-

  • The Sessions are FREE
  • Reduce 2 days of planning to 2.5 hours
  • Includes access to bowls specific resources

Helps you to:

  • Develop year long strategies & objectives
  • Achieve your club goals
  • Assign responsibility & due dates

To get involved, speak with your Regional Bowls Manager or contact Bowls WA.