Fixtures and Events

The Fixtures & Events Committee is one of four operational committees of Bowls WA (BWA) and is responsible for the conduct and coordination of Bowls WA events, including the Metropolitan Pennant Competition(s) and all Over 60s events.  

Fixtures and Events Charter

Fixtures & Events Committee 2021/22

  • Leonie Potts (Chair)                                                                         
  • Ross Dolton                                  
  • Trevor Orton
  • Scott Jaggs                                                         
  • Cathy Taylor                        
  • Carol Lee
  • Jennifer Aikman
  • Pieter Harris (Staff)


The committee is comprised of up to 12 persons nominated in accordance with BWA requirements whose names shall be submitted to the August meeting of the Bowls WA Board for ratification. No more than two members of each gender from the one club will be ratified.


The Committee is responsible for: 

1. The arrangement with (or without) other operational committees, all match requirements for all Bowls WA events, including the metropolitan pennant competition, 

2. The annual setting of the Bowls WA competition calendar, 

3. In conjunction with the Rules Committee the annual review of all Conditions of Play and Field of Play Rules for events/pennant, 

4. In conjunction with the Greens & Infrastructure Committee the allocation of venues for all Bowls WA events, 

5. With the appropriate staff member maintenance of records for all Bowls WA events, including the Metropolitan Pennant Competition, 

6. Responding to all communications in a professional and timely manner, 

7. Liaising with other BWA committees on overlapping issues, 

8. Upholding the objects of and the Constitution of Bowls WA