Protests & Disciplinary Panel

Protests & Disciplinary Panel

The panel is selected on a case by case basis as outlined within the Membership section.


The purpose of the Panel is to:

  • Hear and adjudicate on protests and/or appeals against a decision made by an umpire or club official at the conclusion of a match or fixture,
  • Hear and adjudicate on any Appeal made regarding an administrative decision by a Bowls WA Committee,
  • Hear and make recommendation(s) to the Board on any disciplinary matter brought before it by an Affiliated Club.

Duties and Responsibilities

In assisting the Board in fulfilling their responsibilities, the duties of the panel shall be to:

  • Convene and conduct hearings ensuring that the Laws of the Sport, Conditions of Play and any other relevant policies in relation to the game are adhered to,
  • Ensure that any allegation against an Affiliated Club or member thereof of behavior which is not in the best interests of the sport or which brings the sport into disrepute is heard as per the By Laws.
  • Provide feedback and offer recommendations to the Game and People Development Committee on procedures for the conduct of hearings and any administrative processes for hearing protests or matters of misconduct.

Operating Principles

  1. The panel will operate in conjunction with the Bowls WA Constitution, By Laws and various Conditions of Play, including issues within the National Integrity Framework (NIF),
  2. Hearings are scheduled as required and shall involve the Chair (Board Director) and  two (2) members of the Bowls WA staff,
  3. Changes in the membership, roles or responsibilities of the Panel shall be determined by the Board,
  4. To ensure that the Panel has the best interests of all bowlers in mind when making decisions/recommendations, the panel should not be influenced or biased by personal involvement and must declare any conflict of interest,
  5. The Panel must honour the confidentiality of the process and any decisions or recommendations made.


  1. The Bowls WA Protests and Disciplinary Panel shall consist of three (3) members,
  2. The Chair of the Panel shall by a Board Director, who shall be appointed by the Board,
  3. The other two members shall be members of Staff, who should have sufficient knowledge, training and or expertise in the matters at hand and the processes involved,
  4. One of the staff members shall act as Secretary and record the Minutes and outcomes as required.

Initial Point of Contact

The public point of contact for the Protests and Disciplinary Panel is the Bowls WA Competitions and Talent Development Manager.