Governance & People Development

The Governance & People Development Committee is a standing committee of Bowls WA (BWA) and is responsible for the maintenance of appropriate levels of Corporate Governance by the Association and its committees and the ongoing well being of its people, both paid and voluntary.  

Governance and People Development Charter

Governance & People Development Committee 2021/22

  • Brian Lucas (Chair)
  • Judith Flanagan
  • Ken Pride (staff)

The length of appointment to the committee is 2 years. 
The committee is comprised of up to five (5) persons nominated in accordance with BWA requirements whose names shall be submitted to the BWA Board for ratification.

The Committee is responsible for the: 

  • Review and make recommendation to the Board on draft policies and the delegation of authorities; risk management policies and procedures; contracts and tenders where applicable, 
  • the Board for the ongoing personal and professional development of the board, staff and volunteers. 
  • Carrying out the implementation of the Operational Plan as it relates to Governance & People Development, 
  • Reporting to the Board as required against the Operational Plan’s outcomes.  Adhering to the annual budget as set by the Board. 
  • Liaising with other Bowls WA standing and operational committees on overlapping issues. 
  • Upholding the objects of and the Constitution of Bowls WA.