Women’s State Triples

The Women’s State Triples was the very last of the State Events to be introduced, not coming in until the 1974/75 season. Unusually, despite starting seven years later, it has been played more times than the men’s event and is the only discipline in which this occurs. 


2019-20 Not Held (COVID-19)    
2018-19 L Featherby S Solly L Warburton Composite
2017-18  K Krstic  L Merz  R O’Brien  Manning 
2016-17 P Chalmers  H Adams  H Stevens  Osborne Park 
2015-16  L Matthews  S Hogg  H Heal  Manning 
2014-15 T Hastings  H Morss T Madigan Manning
2013-14 R Prosser L Marshall J Falconer Composite
2012-13 K Gobbart N Keeffe B Scott Composite
2011-12 L Featherby L Warburton J Gibsone Mosman Park
2010-11 T Hastings H Morss M Harken Composite
2009-10 J Stein C Chaney O Linden Mundaring
2008-09 T Hastings H Morss M Harken Composite
2007-08 P Haynes H Stevens N Keefe Composite
2006-07 C Hill L West H Morss Composite
2005-06 L Poletti N Abe K Wray Composite
2004-05 L Ward K Marwick V Parkinson Composite
2003-04 R Dunn J Lindsay P Cant Dudley Park
2002-03 E Quinn F Connell I Olley Composite
2001-02 R Dunn J Lindsay P Cant Dudley Park
2000-01 M Harken T Hastings B Scott Composite
1999-00 K Barter L Uppill S Jakovich Composite
1998-99 P North L Mahnkoph L Gillan Mandurah
1997-98 C Hill S McDorman S Cullen Victoria Park
1996-97 N Wainwright D Bain V Hudson Composite
1995-96 A Charlton R Mullings B White Thornlie
1994-95 N Holland M Hams S Jakovich Composite
1993-94 B Guile P Menagh L Vulich Composite
1992-93 B Guile P Menagh L Vulich Composite
1991-92 N Holland M Hams S Hams Composite
1990-91 P Dyas D Trew J Burton North Beach
1989-90 B Guile M Gawthorpe J Rhind North Beach
1988-89 G Smith S Bloch M Beard City Beach
1987-88 B Guile J Murray C Sullivan North Beach
1986-87 J White A Watson D Morris Safety Bay
1985-86 S Demos V Blight M Gilbert Carlisle-Lathlain
1984-85 V Yates B Ranger D Witton Scarborough
1983-84 E McGuffie E Jeffreys M Hams East Fremantle
1982-83 J Wilson M Burns P Allan Scarborough
1981-82 N Wainwright J Fleay M Carmichael Riverton-Rossmoyne
1980-81 B Eckersley B Lyle P Gray Yokine
1979-80 S Donley  J Eley  G Cook  Melville 
1978-79 N Brimson  M Gannaway  V Budd  Mandurah 
1977-78  C Boyd  B Raynor  K Graham  Wembley 
1976-78  F Jennings  P Cole  B Withnell  Floreat Park 
1975-75  M Otter  J Palmer  D Filmer  Melville 
1974-75  J Kohlhagen  E Chadwick  M Semmens  Busselton