Industrial Relations

It its most basic form the definition of Industrial Relations is the relations between management and workers in industry. For bowling clubs this means the relations between the club and/or its executive management committee with their employees. Depending upon the size of the club and its nature of operations, the larger the club the more relevant some of the areas of industrial relations will become. 

Clubs WA

Clubs WA can provide expert advice in this area for clubs in Western Australia. 

A higher level of access called ‘super members’ has been created for member clubs who subscribe to our Workplace Relations Service.

Super members login as normal and have access to:

Clubs WA Workplace Relations Service

Clubs WA formed a company “Clubs Australia Industrial” to represent the employer needs of licensed and registered clubs throughout Australia.

With the advent of the club specific Registered & Licensed Clubs Award 2010 there was increasing pressure to present our WA members with an updated approach which would provide easy access to a superior and most professional Workplace Relations Service.

As part of the national grouping of clubs, Clubs WA has enrolled in a complete information and action service that fulfils the needs of all clubs as employers and contributes to the cost of running this service.

Clubs Australia Industrial provides Clubs WA member clubs with:

– Member Enquiries Centre
– Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual
– Employment Templates
– Additional Information

Awards and Rates

Calculating the appropriate rates for the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010 is and will continue to be a very complex.

Whilst Clubs WA has added the obligatory disclaimer on the rates please be advised that their new alliance with Clubs Australia Industrial and the team at Clubs NSW has ensured that the best industrial and legal network has completed the work on your behalf.

– Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010 – 2017/2018 version
– Interim Variation
– Wage Rates
– Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll and Taxation

Payroll and taxation topics covered are 

– National Employment Standards (NES)
– Employee Records
– Payslip Rules
– Superannuation
– Superannuation Guarantee for Contractors
– Paid Parental Leave Bill 2010
– ATO Publications
– Frequently Asked Questions

Fair Work Australia

Fair Work Australia provides information and advice about Australia’s workplace rights and rules.

Topics in this section are as follows:

– Clubs Australia Industrial Fair Work Act Review 2012
– Fair Work Act 2009
– Fair Work Information Statement
– Fair Work Inspectors
– Fair Work Ombudsman

Workplace Related Topics

Other workplace related topics include:

– Child Protection
– Community Service – Employer Obligations
– Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
– Electronic Surveillance
– Privacy Rights
– Subcontracting a Bookkeeper
– Unfair Dismissal
– Working with Children
– Workplace Discrimination