Clubs are always in need of funds.  The responsibility of raising these funds are often left to a small group of committee members and coming up with new, exciting and lucrative fundraisers can be a challenge year on year.

You may get by for a while relying on just one or two sources of income, but to ensure your organisation is solid and sustainable in the long-term you need to be drawing from as many sources as possible.

Many organisations run into trouble because they only have one or two sources of funding, or because they only have two or three people really involved in raising money. If any of the sources or any of the people go away, the organisation will likely find itself in trouble.

The club help section contains specific areas for Grants, Membership and Sponsorship so we will take a brief look at the other fundraising areas here.

For more ideas on Fundraising visit Sports Community website Fundraising Ideas


Clubs often think it’s too hard or they’re not worthy to get donations. That’s not true – if you have supporters, then you can have donors. 
Getting donations is a matter of ensuring you have the right administration processes in place (Our Community provides a free online donations service that provides a handy back-bone – see, being clear from the outset about what you would like to do with any donations you receive, and learning the right way to ask.