Bowls Management Committee

The Bowls Management Committee has the overarching responsibility for the game of bowls in Western Australia.

Bowls Management Committee Charter

Bowls Management Committee 2021/22              

  • Marc Abonnel – Chair
  • Ross Warburton – Country
  • Leonie Potts – Fixtures & Events
  • Jim Powell – Greens & Infrastructure
  • Peter Barnett – Umpires
  • Tony Hockey – HP & Coaching
  • Ken Pride – Staff
  • Pieter Harris – Staff


The Committee of (10) shall consist the following members: 

  • The Chairperson who shall be a Director of Bowls WA, 
  • Chairperson of the Country Committee, 
  • A representative of the Greens & Infrastructure Committee, 
  • A representative from the Fixtures & Events Committee, 
  • A representative of the Umpires Committee, 
  • A representative of the High Performance & Coaching Committee. 


To act as an advisory body to the Bowls WA Board on all matters pertaining to the game of bowls at all levels and to deliberate on and make recommendations to the Board from submissions received from the Operational and Country Committees. If any recommendation requires a change in Bowls WA policy, then the proposal must also be referred to the Governance & People Development Committee for consideration. 


  • Deliberate on and make decisions on bowls matters from submissions received. 
  • Review all Field of Play Rules annually and where appropriate make decisions to govern Association events, including pennants, so long as they comply with Bowls Australia regulations and the Laws of the Game. 
  • Inform the appropriate committees of any changes in Field of Play Rules. 
  • Ensure the Board is kept apprised of all matters pertaining to bowls and provide recommendations as required. 
  • To hear Appeals on Operational Committee decisions as set out in Rule 19 of the General Conditions.