Position Descriptions

Committee Positions and Role Descriptions

Whether you are a committee member, director or office bearer of an incorporated club or Association, you have certain responsibilities and owe certain duties to the club and its members. As such, you need a clearly defined job description that outlines both your role and responsibilities.

Your club should also consider appointing a harassment/complaints officer who can work to prevent harassment and abuse in sport and deal effectively and appropriately with it when it occurs.

Additionally, a volunteer coordinator can help your club achieve its goals by keeping volunteers satisfied that their time and efforts have made a difference.

Bowls Australia Position Descriptions

Bowls Australia has provided position descriptions within its Club Help resource Guide and these should be the first point of access for clubs as hey are bowls specific.Bowls Australia Position Descriptions

Other websites also have position descriptions which can be used as alternatives or may include a role not covered by Bowls Australia.

Club Help Positions Descriptions

Sample Role Description – Treasurer

Sample Role Description – President 

Sample Role Description – Publicity Officer

Sample Role Description – Welcoming Officer 

Sample Role Description – Volunteer Coordinator

Sample Role Description – Sponsorship Coordinator

Sample Role Description – Safety Officer 

Sample Role Description – Secretary

Sample Role Description – Vice President

Sample Role Description – Maintenance Coordinator 

Sample Role Description – Public Officer

Sports Community Position Descriptions