Life Members

The following have been inducted as life members. Life membership is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation and future of lawn bowls

Bowls WA (unified 2004) – 2019: N Samuel. 2011: B Gilbride, R Wishart. 2010: G Susac, G Ellis, T Barron.

Royal Western Australian Bowls Association (1898-2004) – 2004: G McLaren. 1999: A W Hall. 1998: T H Joel. 1992: L.A. Adams, J J Sullivan. 1985: W F Hobson.1983: A M Eddy. 1978: J Taylor. 1973: C E Fraser. 1970: W H Matthews. 1964: H Snook. 1961: A Cruikshank. 1959: R H Liebenow. 1958: H F Cook. 1953: E C Lawrence. 1948: T P Howe. 1939: W J Sumpton. 1931: J Hammill. 1920: W W Berry.

Western Australian Ladies Bowling Association (1935-2004) – 2001: B Brennan, V Lester, J Perry. 2000: M Slavich. 1999: P Anderson, 1997: P Needham. Year Unknown: E Reynolds, N Donegan, H Repacholi, G Whittingham, D R Filmer, C Hicks, J Ellett, J Shaw, S Rogers, G Hulin, M Fraser, I A Allen, A Ngell, M B Adam, P Fitzgerald, A Neill, A M Yates.