All Ability State Championships

Starting as the State Disability Championships in 2015 with three categories of deaf, intellectual and physical players the event expanded in 2016 to include a fourth category for vision impaired players. 

Expansion again in 2017 added players using a bowling arm into the physical disability category.   Both Bowling Arm and Physical Disability bowlers use the State Championships as a seeding event for selection into their respective State Representative Sides:  The National Bowling Arm Challenge and the National Multi disability Lawn Bowl Championships (Multibowl)

In 2018 the event changed name to the State All Ability Championships and grew another category specifically for players with Bowling Arms.

2019 is going to see even more change with the Bowling Arm players participating in their own State Event and the All Ability Championships once again having four categories:

  • Deaf/Hearing Impaired Players
  • Intellectual Disability Players
  • Physical Disability Players
  • Vision Impaired & Blind Players


2021 Information Links:

  • 2020 All Ability State Championship – Flyer


Previous Years Wrap Up Articles:

  • 2016 Multi Disability State Championships (article missing)


All Abilities Medal History (2015 – 2021)

A complete list of all medals awarded, Gold and Silver, between 2015 and 2021 can be found HERE.


For further information about our All Ability Championships contact:

Denise McMillan on 0449 619 841 or