Para State Side

Bowls WA manages and supports the State Physical Disability Side who participate at a National Level in the National Multi-Disability Lawn Bowl Championships – otherwise known as the “Multibowl”.

Each State is allowed to have 10 players in a Side – six Men and four  Women – who play a combination of Singles, Pairs and Triples.  It is hoped that in this player setup there is an equal distribution of B5/6 Players and B 7/8 Players.  What does this mean?  

These National games are the pathway to International Para-Bowls Competitions such as the Commonwealth Games and International Bowlers with a Disability (IBD) games.

It can be hard defining what a disability is and Australia follows the International Paralympic Commissions (IPC) definition of Athletes with a Disability using a Classification system. The four levels for physical impairment are listed below:

  • B5: Wheelchair bowlers who can only use a very small bowl (size 00) due to limitation of upper limb function. Ambulant and wheelchair bowlers with restricted grip and upper body limb function, poor balance and co-ordination,unable to bowl a full length end or needing a splinting device to do so (Not including the bowling arm as used in Australia).
  • B6: Ambulant and wheelchair bowlers with reduced balance function (loss of 5 points or more) but able to bowl a full length end.
  • B7: Ambulant and wheelchair bowlers with minor balance problems (loss of less than 5 points).
  • B8: Ambulant bowlers, who have a permanent and irreversible disability, have lost 10 points on the bench test, but have no noticeable impairment of function.

Representation in WA started in 2013 with a single player attending the Multibowl, followed in 2014 and 2015 with a Side of three male players.  In 2016 our numbers jumped with seven players including two women.  From this date numbers in the Side have gone up and down depending on availability.


State Player History – Para

Last NameFirst Name Debut ClubDebut YearCap No.# YearsAchievements
OmanJoe Mundaring201311
AllsopWayne Dowerin201425
DaveyJoe Fremantle2015532015 Clover Lester Award
2018 Triples Bronze
 MurraySteveScarborough2015662016 Pairs Gold
2019 Pairs Silver
PowerGreg Guilderton201574
GollanEddie Kardinya201685
2016 Pairs Gold
2016 Singles Silver
2019 Pairs Silver
SymonsLara South Perth2016102
TaylorMaud Collie2016113
FletcherFrank Osborne Park2018121
CoppingThomas Brookton2019131
NikolicJodieYanchep20221512022 Clover Lester Award

Further information on all Inclusion programs and opportunities can be received from Denise McMillan, Inclusive Practices Officer at Bowls WA, on 0449 619 841.