Bowling Arm Bowlers

Bowlers arms: a bowlers arm (pictured) is designed to assist a bowler who cannot continue to bowl without the aid of the artificial device and can be used in any competition within Australia.  Typically they are used where a person has hip/knee complaints which restrict their ability to bend down to deliver the bowl correctly.

Bowlers Arm device

There are currently three types of bowlers arms approved for use in Australia.  They are known as “The Bowling Arm”, the “Bionic Bowler Arm” and the “DHB arm”.  Each device is manufactured in several lengths and some include varying release mechanisms.

An affiliated member must gain approval to use an artificial device (bowlers arm) which can be completed by contacting your state/territory association.  A medical certificate stating that the affiliated member requires the bowlers arm to continue to participate in lawn bowls must accompany the approval form.  Once you have lodged your form with your state/territory association you will be provided with a means of identifying your approval status from your state/territory association.  This information will then be forwarded to Bowls Australia to maintain a national register.

The bowling arm category is part of the NMP and only BA licensed  manufacturers are able to produce bowling arms for use in pennant and above competition.

To register to use a Bowlers Arm please complete the form via the link below:

Bowling Aid Approval Form

National bowling Arm Championships

Starting in 2011 the first Bowling Arm Interstate Challenge was played between Victoria and New South Wales. This expanded to a larger interstate tournament held in September 2013 with the addition of South Australia.  The Championships were held yearly after this with the addition of Queensland as recently as 2016 and with Western Australia joining in 2017 as the “Sandgropers” the Challenge now has five states involved and hope to round out the number to six in 2018 with the addition of Tasmania.

Bowls Australia endorses the “National Bowling Arm Challenge” by providing a “National Trophy” for the winning state while the states themselves concurrently play for interstate Trophies during the Challenge.  A State Representative Side consists of 15 players with three teams of five who consecutively play Singles and Fours, and Pairs and Triples.  The Challenge itself is a mixed gender tournament with a minimum requirement of two female bowlers.

We are seeking Expressions of Interest for the 2018 Side (flyer) with the Challenge to be played at East Maitland Bowling Club in New South Wales from September 10th to 13th.  Laurie Blurton has accepted the position of Coordinator of the WA Bowling Arm Side for the second consecutive year and would like interested players to fill in an Sandgroper Expression of Interest (details – download Word form) (details – pdf form) and return to him at  Laurie can also be contacted on 0427 097 935.

A summary of 2017 National Arm Challenge, hosted in Moama VIC, can be found HERE.