Mixed Country Carnivals

Mixed Country Carnival Dates for 2021-22

Page last updated August 18th 2021

DateVenueEvent Name
14 & 15
Halls Head
Return Carnival (nomination)
Go For Gold (Bowling Arm)
7 BunburyBunbury Open Pairs
18Mt Barker GolfSpring Open Day
24HarveyHarvey Mixed Fours
26-27MerredinAny Gender Split Fours
29AlbanyCameron Caravan’s Open Mixed Triples
OCTOBER 2021  
3DunsboroughKen Rowell Mixed Fours
8DonnybrookAny Combination Fours
10DandaraganDandaragan Mixed Freshwater Fours
10NarroginAny Combination Triples
16CollieCollie Bowling Arm Open Drawn Triples
17BinningupBinningup Mixed Open Fours
19DenmarkBethany Mixed Triples
24BalingupIGA Any Combination Fours
24Halls Head‘Harcourts’ Pairs
25ShackletonShackleton Open Mixed Fours
31YealeringPre Harvest Triples
31Meadow SpringsOpen Mixed Triples
31EatonEaton Open Mixed Divorced Pairs
2PingellyMelbourne Cup Fours
2Mt BarkerBethany Funeral Home Melbourne Cup Mixed Pairs
7PembertonKing Karri
14GinginGingin Harvest Bowls (Fours)
25DenmarkFridge & Washer City Mixed Fours
28QuairadingJim & Chris Gimbel Open Mixed Pairs
30Mt BarkerEllen Ridgeway Open Mixed Triples
2CowaramupCedar Armstrong Mixed Fours
2PembertonJan Ryan Memorial
5Boyup BrookAny Combination Fours
7CranbrookTambellup Cranbrook Bendigo Bank Open Mixed Pairs
10BunburyBunbury Open Pairs
12EatonEaton Rena & Terry Bright Open Mixed Pairs
12ManjimupArcher Triples
14Middleton BeachFridge & Washer City Mixed Fours
14BrooktonAny Combination Fours
16NarroginAny Combination Ham Pairs
JANUARY 2022  
1DumbleyungMufti Mixed Fours
1AlbanyWog’s Day Mixed Pairs
1,2YarloopAlcoa Mixed Pairs
4BunburyBunbury Open Pairs
8WaroonaRural Weed Twilight Mixed Triples
10MandurahArmed Open
11BunburyBunbury Open Pairs
12WalpoleMixed Fours
13WickepinRoger Cook Veteran Pairs
15CunderdinKit & Chum Open Mixed Pairs
15MandurahOpen Mixed Fours
16DunsboroughWilliam Barrett Mixed Fours
16OngerupOngerup Mixed Triples
22BunburyBunbury Retravision Open Pairs
23BalingupAny Combination Fours
26PingellyAustralia Day Mixed Fours
26BadgingarraAustralia Day Mixed Fours
27NannupAny Combination Fours
30Meadow SpringsOpen Mixed Pairs
30GoomallingGoomalling Open Mixed Pairs
30YealeringMid Summer Any Combo Triples
3Middleton BeachBethany Mixed Triples
6BrunswickBrunswick Open Mixed Fours
6MandurahNoreen Mathews Open Mixed Fours
6ToodyayToodyay Mixed Triples
8Mt BarkerFridge & Washer City Mixed Fours
13TambellupBendigo Bank Mixed Triples
15Mt Barker GolfCameron Caravan Mixed Pairs
18FranklandLange’s Mixed Pairs
20BroomehillAny Combination Pairs
20GoomallingGoomalling Mixed Fours
24CowaramupBankwest Mixed Pairs
27BunburyBunbury Retravision Open Mixed Triples
27Dudley ParkMandurah Lock Service Fours
27JerramungupElders Mixed Pairs
MARCH 2022  
2YealeringAny Combination Triples
2Emu PointJohn Cook Memorial Mixed Pairs
4BunburyBunbury Cup Open Pairs
5,6DenmarkMixed Fours Split Pairs
5,6BridgetownAny Combination Fours
5,6Margaret RiverRiver Hotel/Stocker Preston Realty Invitation Fours
9BalingupPast Members Day
10CowaramupAdvanced Hearing Mixed Triples
13MandurahOpen Mixed Fours
30WalpoleMixed Pairs
APRIL 2022  
6BridgetownDash for Cash
9WickepinAny Combination Triples
10NarroginAny Combination Triples
16Margaret RiverStoneage Ceramics Any Gender Easter Pairs
16Emu PointRay White Rural Mixed Fours
16WaginMixed Fours Mufti
16EatonEaton Bowling Arm Open Drawn Triples
17GuildertonEaster Bowls
18MandurahLakelands Mechanical Mixed Pairs
19BunburyBunbury Vet Clinic Diggers Open Pairs
19Port BouvardOpen Mixed Pairs
22YunderupPinjarra Powder Coaters Mixed Fours
25Middleton BeachLegacy Day Drawn Triples
25MandurahAnzac Day Open Mixed Triples
MAY 2022
3Middleton BeachCameron Caravans Mixed Fours
7MandurahBCiB Open Mixed Fours
15MandurahOpen Mixed Fours
28 – 1JuneDenisonDenison May Carnival
JUNE 2022
13NorthamptonMixed Fours
16-22CarnarvonFollow the Sun Mixed 4s and Pairs (Entry Form)
6MullewaWildflower Carnival