Bowls WA Metropolitan Pennant Survey

by admin on November 19, 2014

last chance – close Friday 21st November 2014 Review and Survey of Metropolitan Pennant Competitions
This is your opportunity to have your say on the future of pennants.

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Men’s Metro Pennant Survey

Women’s Metro Pennant Survey

Club Metro Pennant Survey will be emailed to club secretary. 

Closing date for all surveys will be Friday 21st November 2014

The Bowls WA Fixtures and Events subcommittee chaired by Marc Abonnel is seeking the opinion of Metropolitan Clubs and individual players at all levels on the state of Metropolitan Pennant. Whether you are a Premier League, 6th division or Friday night player, you have a stake in what our pennant competition will look like in the future.
We have seen a consistent reduction in the number of players playing traditional pennant competitions and therefore a reduction in the number of sides entered over past years. This has seen a number of structural and Conditions of Play changes occurring to the bottom divisions in both Men’s and Women’s Pennant while the top divisions have remained mainly untouched for a number of years.
This survey is made up of submissions by players, clubs and Bowls WA committees in an effort to arrest the decline of bowlers playing pennant and therefore clubs entering pennant sides.
Our aim is to generate interest and discussion in the current and future pennant system and to seek feedback from players and input from club officials/representatives/Executive Committee members as to the path forward for our sport in regards to metropolitan pennant.
This survey concentrates mainly on Metropolitan Pennant issues and the factors that affect each competition, player participation and club participation. It is envisaged that feedback on this traditional area of the Bowls Calendar will lead on to investigations of other areas of our sport. This will be a combined effort between Bowls WA, clubs and players to work together to provide a template for the future of bowls in Western Australia.
To facilitate this discussion and to gather all interested stakeholders opinions, the survey has been broken up into three separate areas:
1.    Club Metropolitan Pennant Survey – 67 Metropolitan Clubs to complete
2.    Men’s Pennant Survey – Capitated Metropolitan Men to complete
3.    Women’s Pennant Survey – Capitated Metropolitan Women to complete
Each survey has been broken up to include a number of general questions and specific pennant competition questions. Before each pennant competition question, a paragraph has been included describing the current system of play, the submission or number of submissions to change the current system of play and the perceived advantages and disadvantages of changing the current system of play. It is important that all the information is read so that players and clubs complete the question on an informed basis.
A number of questions are replicated between specific pennant competitions. Each question should be considered on its merit for that specific competition and not necessarily as a whole of pennant question. A question you may agree with in one pennant competition you may disagree with in another pennant competition. Each question is independent of each other and should be treated as such.
The Sub Committee of the Bowls WA Fixtures and Events Committee will collate and review all Club and Individual Player responses to the surveys. It is expected the surveys will put us onto a course that will make our traditional pennant structure more viable and cater for the needs of the current bowlers. It is also expected ideas will be created as to what other formats are worth investigating to entice the casual participant to further engage in bowls and your club.
For a change to a pennant competition to be considered in the short term it will require a 60% agreement from submitted answers. Anything less than 60% but greater than 50% will require the Bowls WA Fixtures and Events Sub Committee to further investigate the submission and for it to be considered at a later date. All results will be published on the Bowls WA website once collation and compiling of results has been completed.