Men’s South Western ILRR Results

by Aaron Clark on January 9, 2023

The Men’s South Western Inter League Round Robin winners were decided yesterday with the title going to the undefeated South West League.

LeagueShotsRink WinsWinsPointsPosition
South West9613361st

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IZRR Teams:

M.Simpson, G.Dunn, L.Birch, B.Plater

B.Garrett, A.Cowie, B.Uren, S.Anderson

G.Keep, R.Mosele, M.Baker, G.Twist

D.Wilkinson, T.Wilkinson, G.Rundle, M.Spadacini

A.Drayton, J.Conway, P.Girault, G.Bell

Reserves N.Woods, P.Coxon, J.Solonec