Women’s Eastern Zone ILRR Fours Results

by Aaron Clark on February 9, 2023

From the 3rd February to the 5th February the Women’s 2023 Eastern Zone Inter League Round Robin commenced at York Bowling Club.

The event saw to some strong bowls and competition alongside the challenge that the heat presented, with temperatures reaching as high as 41˚. Due to the hot temperatures the Friday games started in the evening at 6pm whilst Saturday allowed for round two to get underway at 8.30am. A quick lunch saw to bowlers back on the green and competing to finish the next round before the temperature could intervene by reaching 38˚+.Fortunately round three finished without any delays. Sunday led to a similar schedule as Saturday with round 4 starting at 8.00am and, like previously, managed to get the final round completed before reaching the peak of 41˚.

After a successful weekend of Bowls Avon Valley were announced the winners with runners up East Avon.

“It was a very successful competition in trying conditions, York Bowling Club looked after us very well, with copious buckets of ice, icy poles etc. A huge thankyou to York and all its members.” -Diane Hudson (Avon Valley Secretary) comments on the event.

LeagueShotsRink WinsPointsPosition
Avon Valley13112.581st
East Avon-13842nd
South Eastern-16744rd
Central Wheatbelt-616.524th

Selections for Zone Fours:


Reserves: S.Jacobs, C.Crane, M.Robinson, D.Haywood.

Manager: M.Dall

Country v Metro Selection:


Reserves: J.Smith, N.Chattaway, J.Harvey, S.Collins

Manager: M.Bird

Information supplied by the Avon Valley League