Every WA Bowls club that ever existed

by Aaron Delaporte on March 20, 2023

In continuation of the 125th Anniversary of the West Australian Bowling Association Bowls WA is pleased to release a historical list of every bowling club that has been affiliated.

The Association began with just three foundation clubs with Perth, Fremantle and Swan in 1898 and whilst we have just over 200 currently affiliated clubs in total 263 have at one stage or another been a part of our history.

A list of all these clubs in now available on our website at https://www.bowlswa.com.au/affiliated-club-history/

Here are some quick fun facts.

The WACA once had a bowling club, it was primarily used to give its apprentice turf curators experience and was only affiliated for a few years from 1908-1910.

The club situated the furthest from headquarters was the Christmas Island Bowling Club a massive 2608km from Perth. It is believed to be the only club which forced the Association to change its Constitution as it only allowed for clubs within WA state boundaries to be affiliated.

Two other Island clubs have also been affiliated. Cockatoo Island which was a mining island owned by BHP was affiliated from 1963-1970 whilst the more familiar Rottnest Island was affiliated from 1965-1973 and still has a bowling green for which tourist can have a friendly roll up.

In total four bowling clubs have existed as part of the Railway Institute with clubs in Merredin, Narrogin, Midland and Kalgoorlie.

Many clubs have changed names or merged over the years and these are also documented in this list which was compiled through fact checking with official Annual Reports of the Associaition.