2024 Bowling Arm Championships – Scoring

by Denise McMillan on April 26, 2024

The 2024 Bowling Arm State Singles first day of sectional play is well underway with players in their third sectional game. All section winners will have a knock-out round to end the day with the four (4) quarter finalists commencing their game on Sunday morning 28 April. This event is being held at Warnbro Bowling Club – a first rate venue south of the river!

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The first day of play resulted in final-worthy knockout rounds! Particularly note worthy was the game between Warwick Glennister of Geraldton (last years winner) and newcomer Wayne Jones from Albany – bowl for bowl they went back and forth on who was leading, an extra end was required when the duo finished their game with a draw 16 to 16, and the final game scored at 18 for Warwick to Jones’s 16!

Friday Quarter Finalists (25 up or 2.5 hours timed):

  1. Allan Axton, Port Bouvard
  2. Warwick Glennister, Geraldton
  3. Graham Nottle, Port Bouvard
  4. Brian Osman, Middleton Beach

Saturday’s second day of play showed fairly even games through the sections with all sections but one having one two-game winner and one single game winner. Section 11 was different in that all three players had a win and the Gary Giblett getting through to knockouts by a positive aggregate of six.

In the knockout rounds there were two very close games, one between Eddie Gollan and Nick Hosking where Nick lost the battle to proceed to Quarter finals by only one point, 20 to Eddie’s 21. The second close game was between Roy Jones and Michael Spadaccini with Roy pulling ahead by one point in the final end to beat Michael by one point 18 to 17.

Saturday Quarter Finalists (25 up or 2.5 hours timed):

  1. Eddie Gollan, Thornlie
  2. Gary Giblett, Collie
  3. Roy Jones, Port Bouvard
  4. Bill Taylor, Warnbro

Sunday mornings Quarter Finals game has been completed, with one extremely close game between Bill Taylor and Roy Jones going to the wire with an end score of Bill’s 24 to Roy’s 22, and now the four remaining players have entered into the Semi Final Game. 

Semi Finalists (25 shots up or 2.5 hours timed):

  1. Warwick Glennister
  2. Graham Nottle
  3. Eddie Gollan
  4. Bill Taylor

Of the Semi Finalists three of the players are past state winners with Warwick winning the 2023 title, Eddie the 2022 title, and Bill the 2021 title. Graham is new to the Semi Final field and today being his birthday he has brought his birthday luck to the green along with a positive rub on his bowls.

ALL Results:

  1. Sectional Results
  2. Knockout Round + Quarter Final + Semi Final + Final

Both semi games are tight with the current scores being Eddie 17 to Bill’s 13, and Warwick’s 13 to Graham’s 10. These games can go either way! The semi’s are timed at 2.5 hours and the time will be up at 2:50. Shortly after that we will enter the Final game of the day where the aim is the first to 25 shots up and no time limit. Equal Thirds are now honoured at this event so the Final will see only the one game with players vying for Gold! Good luck to all the players!

And just like that the tides turn with Eddie stalling on 17 and Bill taking the lead to win the game with 25! The other semi has 7 minutes until time is called with Warwick still in the lead to Graham.

Equal Thirds:

  1. Eddie Gollan
  2. Graham Nottle


  1. Bill Taylor
  2. Warwick Glennister

What a Final Game! Bill and Warwick went back and forth until necks were stretched! In a run at the end Bill came home and Warwick completed an upshot that did not go his way, resulting in Bill Taylor as the 2024 winner of the Bowling Arm State Singles. A winner in 2021, this is his second title equalling Laurie Blurton of Eaton and Coordinator of the WA Sandgropers, as a two-time winner. Congratulations to all players – there was an exemplary level of sportsmanship and commandry throughout the championships.

A tremendous thank-you to Warwick Bowling Club who took care of lunches, the bar, marking when required, and Elaine Meehan as umpire over the entire three days of the tournament! We look forward to a bright future of this growing event. 

Bowling arms can keep you in the sport of bowls when your body makes it hard to play with the traditional method of bending and lunging. The social comradeship is second to none and the gentle passive exercise that is involved can keep players young at heart! Would you like more information? Get in touch with Denise at Bowls WA (0449 619 841 – denise@bowlswa.com.au).