Moving day for Australia in Hong Kong

by admin on November 13, 2014

Matthew Baus and Mathew Pietersen had a stellar day at the Hong Kong International Classic surging six places up the ladder with three wins on day two. 

Before the third round the Australian pair was sitting eight, however after scoring maximum points in all three matches against Hong Kong Police, Kowloon Bowling Green Club and Tuen Mum Sports Association, day two was moving day for Pietersen and Baus who now sit comfortably in second position. 

Mathew Pietersen was leading brilliantly all day whilst Baus played some magnificent shots at crucial times in the match to ensure the Australian’s maximum points. 

Twice during the day Baus trailed the jack with his last bowl to make multiple counts of three and five and win the set for Australia. 

The Australian women’s combination of Carla Odgers and Kelsey Cottrell kept Australia’s unbeaten record going with victories against Hong Kong Football Club, Filipino Club and United Services Recreation Club in rounds three, four and five.  

The defending champions went through the day without dropping a set and added another 18 points to their total to hold the outright lead in their section.

It was not all smooth sailing for Odgers and Cottrell who used a ‘get out of jail free’ card in their final match of the night. 

Australia claimed the first set 11-7 however in the second set the girls trailed United Services Recreation Club by five with three ends to play. 

The following end Australia were three down at the head before Cottrell drew the ultimate shot with her final bowl, Australia then opted for a drastic change of the length and Odgers rolled a minimum length end (mat up). 

Despite a great end from Australia they only managed one and would go into the last requiring a three to draw or four to win, remembering that they had won the first set by four so dropping a shot this end would see the overall match points halved. 

Australia drew four shots and held their breath whilst Angela Chau delivered her final bowl; it was short and narrow giving Australia the match in straight sets. 

Australian women are now two points (one set win) clear of England in second positon whilst Malaysia and Hong Kong Youth Development team are equal third, six points behind Australia. 

The celebrations continued with Australian Jackaroo Kelsey Cottrell playing her 250th international game.

Cottrell first represented Australia at the Asia Pacific Championships back in 2005 some nine years ago as a 15 year old. 

The Australian’s are back in action with both the men and ladies taking on local Hong Kong teams on day three.