QLD prove too strong for NSW

by admin on December 2, 2014

The Queenslanders, led by QLD NTC Coach Brett Wilkie, took full advantage of the home greens winning double the amount of games throughout the three series’, winning 16 games to NSW 8. 

The QLD boys were in charge from the start to finish winning every test 3-1, clean sweeping the visiting Blues 3-0. 

The QLD girls were just as impressive bouncing back from a first test defeat to win their series 2-1.

The winning coach Brett Wilkie was very impressed with what he saw from his Queensland squad and says the feedback about the event was all really positive. 

“The Queenslanders all played exceptionally well, they were very consistent and combined well as a team,” Mr Wilkie said.

“The feedback from the players was that it was the best series they had been a part of and they enjoyed all aspects of the camp, the team bonding, the guest speakers, competitive training and the strong competition,” Mr Wilkie said. 

The NTC challenge was designed as a development series and a great opportunity for rising stars of the sport to be exposed to the greens at Broadbeach Bowls Club, the 2018 Commonwealth Games venue. 

“This event was a good lead up for the players into the Australian Open, it was a chance to familiarise themselves with the greens and the whole experience will help if they are invited to future Australian camps or trials in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games,” Mr Wilkie said. 

Guest speakers such as Australian Captain Lynsey Clarke and National Selector Kelvin Kerkow spoke to the squads about the feeling of wining Commonwealth Games gold medals in a ‘home games’ and motivating the future stars to one day play for Australia. 

Denis Waight (former West Indies Trainer) and Ossie Moore (golfing great and commentator) were fantastic guest speakers and the squads were thoroughly appreciative of them coming. 

“It was great to see Dennis Waight unexpectedly pop in to watch the series and continue to help the squads with warm up exercises and recurring injuries; his presentation was very relevant to lawn bowls having played bowls himself,” Mr Wilkie said. 

Once again the NTC coaches Brett Wilkie and Gary Willis would like to thank Bowls Queensland, Bowls NSW, Women’s Bowls NSW, Broadbeach Bowling Club and Robbie Thompson’s Spar Convenient Store across the road from the club for their sponsorship of the event. 

Series Results:-

Test 1 Game 1: Boys Pairs: Robbie Wild & Kurt Brown QLD 16 d Corey Wedlock & Ray Pearse NSW 12; Boys Triples Eric Copeland, Sean Ingham & Des Cann QLD 18 d Jesse Noronha, Ben Glasson & Aaron Teys NSW 12; Girls Pairs: Cassandra & Bolivia Millerick QLD 11 lost to Samantha & Natalie Noronha 21; Girls Triples: Kiani Andersen, Natasha Jones & Pam Rowe QLD 12 lost to Jamie-Lee Worsnop, Kelly Richards & Ellen Ryan NSW 19. 

Test 1 Game 2: Boys Singles: Kurt Brown QLD 21 d Ray Pearse NSW 20; Boys Fours: Eric Copeland, Sean Ingham, Robbie Wild & Des Cann QLD 11 lost to Jesse Noronha, Corey Wedlock, Ben Glasson & Aaron Teys NSW 14; Girls Singles: Cassandra Millerick QLD 10 lost to Elllen Ryan NSW 21; Girls Fours: Kiani Andersen, Natasha Jones, Bolivia Millerick & Pam Rowe QLD 17 d Jamie-Lee Worsnop, Samantha Noronha, Kelly Richards Natalie Noronha NSW 13. 

Test 1: Boys QLD 3 wins +8 d NSW 1 win -8; Girls QLD 1 win -24 lost to NSW 3 wins +24; Overall QLD 4 wins -16 / NSW 4 wins +16.

Test 2 Game 1: Boys Pairs: Eric Copeland & Sean Ingham QLD 12 lost to Corey Wedlock & Ray Pearse NSW 27; Boys Triples: Des Cann, Robbie Wild & Kurt Brown QLD 20 d Jesse Noronha, Ben Glasson & Aaron Teys NSW 13; Girls Pairs: Natasha Jones & Pam Rowe QLD 16 d Samantha & Natalia Noronha NSW 15; Girls Triples: Cass Millerick, Kiani Andersen & Bolivia Millerick QLD 19 d Jamie-Lee Worsnop, Kelly Richards & Ellen Ryan NSW 17. 

Test 2 Game 2: Boys Singles: Robbie Wild QLD 21 d Aaron Teys NSW 15; Boys Fours: Eric Copeland, Sean Ingham, Des Cann & Kurt Brown …