2024 IRRR – It’s a Wrap

by Denise McMillan on April 19, 2024

Beautiful Mosman Park Bowling Club was the background for the 2024 metropolitan Women’s Inter Region Round Robin held last weekend in beautiful weather.  Teams were in fine spirits with one goal in mind (well, all teams except Northern that is) and that was to beat the Northern Region!

Manager of Northern Region, Leonie Potts, with Bowls WA Vice Patron Roma Dunn.  Roma presented the IRRR perpetual trophy and pins to the Northern Region, along with the All Star medals.  

These aspirations were squashed when Northern came through the winner of both the main event and the All Star event.  The main event is where 24 players from each region (North, South Coastal, Southern and Eastern) play against each other in round robin format, each other vying for the glory of being named that year’s winners.  Northern came in and swept the other regions off their feet winning with 43 points and a 138 positive aggregate – 13 points above second best Southern Regions 30 points and 34 positive margin.

Northern Region IRRR Winners

Coming in 2nd were the Southern Region where their best performed team, skipped by Kn Mears, won all three games with a 31 margin while two other teams competing for runner up with six points and margins of 22 skipped by D Kalinowski and 19 skipped by J Nightingale.

Southern Region 2nd Place

Third place was taken by Eastern Region with 21 points and a negative margin of -76.  K Turpin skipped the best performed team with two wins and a positive 18 margin, while M Wehlak skipped the second best team with 6 points and a negative -2 margin.

Eastern Region Side

South Coastal found it hard to hit their stride falling into last place with 13 points and a negative -96 margin.  Best performed team skipped by T Perica won two games and drew the third for a positive 16 margin.  R Balk and V Meehan teams also each won a game.

South Coastal IRRR Side

2024 IRRR Results

While South Coastal may have come last in the main round robin event their tactics and luck changed in the All Star game where they came in second Game with nine points and an even zero margin to the winning Northern teams score of 12 points and a positive 9 margin.  Southern came 3rd and Eastern last in All Star Game.

2024 All Star Results

After the main event there is an afternoon game where the best 8 players of each region are selected to play in the final Sunday afternoon game called “The All Stars”.  As mentioned, Northern Region were the winners here also!  The other regions did not take defeat by lying down – they grappled with, and obtained, some great results!