Jack Attack phenomenon hitting Sunnybank

by admin on December 18, 2014

Sunnybank Bowling Club in Brisbane may consider themselves to be small two green club but their excitement and enthusiasm for the Jack Attack program is likely to boost their club membership base. 

The Jack Attack program is designed to increase bowling participation and give our large number of barefoot bowlers the option to compete in a competition that fills the gap between social/barefoot bowls and competitive pennant comps. 

The benefits to the clubs include assisting with long term growth and sustainability, showcasing other parts of your club and encouraging participants to return after Jack Attack is complete. 

Sunnybank believe that the concept is the way of the future and is the perfect program to attract non bowlers from their local community to join their club.

Jack Attack is based off the hugely successful Australian Premier League and replicates that style of play through its format and time limits. 

Jack Attack is fast paced with power-plays and substitutes and can be played over a shorter period of time (60-75 minutes) which is perfect for people with busy working lives. 

Sunnybank are leaving no stone unturned immediately starting their advertising campaign with help from all their members.

Sunnybank feel that by encouraging their members to invite their non-bowling friends to join Jack Attack, they will have at least six teams before they have even started promoting the competition to local businesses, schools and other sporting associations.  

Newsletters, flyer dropping in local businesses and advertising on community notice boards has already commenced, whilst Sunnybank are also planning to approach local schools and sporting groups in order to reach their targets. 

Bowls Australia will provide each club that signs up for Jack Attack scorecards, booklets and 500 promotional flyers to distribute as they wish and 16 Regional Bowls Managers can provide clubs with assistance.  

Whilst the club host barefoot bowls parties, the parties currently average one a fortnight; Sunnybank intend on signing up 14 to 24 teams in each of their five week programs. 

Interestingly, Sunnybank are so enthusiastic about Jack Attack, they have decided to host five (five week) programs a year, with the first three commencing in the summer months on Wednesday evenings and the other two programs on Sunday afternoons during winter. 

For $120, teams of up to six can register and rotate with three players required on each night during the five weeks, competing against other teams of similar ability in a two bowl triples contest. 

The whole team is encouraged to come down and support their team mates competing that night, offer them words of wisdom from the sidelines, enjoy the clubs great facilities and a BBQ under the lights each night. 

With the help of South East Queensland Regional Bowls Manager Mark Casey, Sunnybank are taking the opportunity to apply for a $4000 grant to help buy coloured bowls which will assist the club greatly with their delivery of Jack Attack. 

The first Jack Attack evening at Sunnybank will take place on Wednesday 18th February, bowls are supplied by the club and friendly members will be there on the night to help you along the way. 

If you would like more information about the Sunnybank Bowling Club check out their brand new website by clicking on this link. 

An entire website has been created www.jackattack.com.au that will be able to answer any questions you might have about Jack Attack, if your club wants to sign up or perhaps you want to find ‘my nearest club’.